Who Dares Say He Believes in God?

8 jún 2019
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And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God. (Mark 10:18; see also Luke 18:19).
Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. (Matthew 7:21, KJV).
I have been asked many times by many people if I believe in God. I don't like this question. I generally respond by stating that I act as if God exists, but that's not sufficiently true. Who could do that? Who could conduct themselves with the moral exactitude and care necessary of someone who would dare to make that claim? Either claim? In any case, after being asked the question yet again, when I was in Australia, I decided to attempt to answer it in some detail.
This lecture, one of the 12 Rules for Life tour talks, was delivered in Sydney Feb 26, 2019, at the International Convention Centre. It was one of six I had professionally video recorded. Five of the six will be released directly on thinkspot, our new social media platform (to be announced in mid-June), as a bonus for direct subscribers (not to worry; there are still more than 50 to be released as audio on the Jordan B Peterson podcast at bit.ly/2HUdgnc, so it's not as if there will be any shortage). But I thought ISpast would be appropriate for this, given the potentially broad interest in the topic.
I've made a new playlist for it, too, entitled On (my) Belief in God. Three videos make up that playlist: this one, a 20 minute talk I did for the Prager summit in May of 2019 (ispast.info/losk/v-deo/qqiBc4GZq53MmIY.html), and an interview/discussion I had with Dennis Prager at the same event (ispast.info/losk/v-deo/nmF9fJWYyXbOnoI.html)
I would recommend watching them in the playlist order, which will be this lecture first, then my Prager talk, then the interview, if you're interested in doing so. I think they make a good group.The idea of belief in God is of extreme importance. I hope that these lectures and interviews add to everyone's understanding of my position and why I hold it.
As always, thank you very much for your continued support.
The adjunct videos are also available on the Prager U site: the lecture at ispast.info/losk/v-deo/lad_norKqZmcaIo.html; the interview at ispast.info/losk/v-deo/gGVtn4Dc3aWZr6A.html
Thanks to the Prager U organization for the invitation and opportunity.
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  • Jordan you do realize all the things you hate today and the way people are being corrupted morally and socially is all because of Nazi Germany losing the war?

    Dalton WilliamsDalton Williams22 klukkustundum síðan
  • Marx was a disgusting tribal zionist who wanted to enslave us all

    Dalton WilliamsDalton Williams23 klukkustundum síðan
  • Nationalist socialism really is the most moral type of government you can have. But in reality all society is evil and earthly. Not evil in like a darth sidious or super villain sense. But ignorantly evil. Ignorance is the mother of all evil. The one true god cares not for society. He cares for your soul..

    Dalton WilliamsDalton Williams23 klukkustundum síðan
  • He's mischaracterized marxist materialism at 52:00. It's not that solving material privation would let us be fed and asleep, it's that if all people could materially provide for themselves, they'd be actually free to do work that is actually meaningful and imaginative.

    CallieCallieDegi Síðan síðan
  • The captions at 41:38 pronounce Dostoyevsky as "Dusty Husky" And Raskolnikov = risk all in the club Thank you, ISpast

    CallieCallieDegi Síðan síðan
  • I think people ask that question, because so many intellectuals are Atheists and look down on those that do believe in God. Like we’re stupid for believing in a higher power. Maybe a better question to ask JP is Do you believe in a Creator.

    MarieMarieDegi Síðan síðan
  • I think that when we say or ask what we believe, most of the time what we really want to know is what do we aspire to. What is the standard we think we ought to be judged by?

    Sword and KeyboardSword and KeyboardDegi Síðan síðan
  • hen we analyze ourselves, we notice that we consist of three components: the first, the one that we absolutely do not control and are not aware of: all the systems of our body: immune, nervous, hormonal and many others, in a complex relationship between them. These systems determine the entire state of our body and us! All our feelings, emotions and desires, down to the smallest pimple on the skin ... We are NOT aware of this component - therefore it is our subconscious! The second component: consciousness, this is the relationship between the first component and the third - our personality, our "I". This consciousness is what our personality is aware of, all our senses: sight, hearing, everything, everything that we feel and our desires. These are three components - like the Christian TRINITY, God the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son of God! Obviously, the subconscious mind has absolute power over our personality, rewarding pleasure for a fulfilled order-desire. And punishing for those not fulfilled - with pain, despair, depression ... The arsenal of punishments is enormous, from mental illness to suicide. The subconscious mind uses the "Carrot and Stick" method to control personality! understanding this, this is spiritual life!

    Денис РадченкоДенис РадченкоDegi Síðan síðan
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    jeff fungjeff fung2 dögum síðan
  • Oh Jordan, what is a king without him who he rules over?

    Your Least Favorite YouTube ChannelYour Least Favorite YouTube Channel2 dögum síðan
  • 'The world doesn't revolve around you', he says, 'that would make you some kind of narcissist to think that you're the centre of the Universe.' Clearly he hasn't met my ex.

    RoxanaRoxana2 dögum síðan
  • Did he just say that 'God is a nightmarish creature, at least in principle, cuz he's keeping track of everything you do even more than you are...' ? This guy is a gangsta 😎

    RoxanaRoxana2 dögum síðan
  • Divine ! Thank you Jordan !

    4E Projects & Consulting4E Projects & Consulting2 dögum síðan
  • Jordan Peterson use of the term Christian/judeo religions is a misnomer , Fredrick Nietzsche made vast distinctions between Christianity , Judaism and the Gospels themselves and the JEW , the Jewish mindset is not the same , Jung also makes mention of this my teacher was a jungian a Marxist held him in high esteem as a Jew , Marxism May not have been compatible with the Christian aristocracy which treated the peasants like cattle to the point that a Land Lord could take first dibs on another mans wife a peasant to them was owned and equated with the land ie the landlord had owned the land and a peasants wife if they so pleased , it comes from a Jewish mind and the Jews have survived to this day by using a form of collectivism if they did not they may not have survived long exile it preserved them and their tradition , this was not necessary for the non Jew. He was the majority , in the past development of the Jew the God YHVH punished Israel collectively , Marx was a Jew , the book of acts has a story within it where it speaks of the early Christian communities operating in this way also, where no one owned anything and contributed all they had forwards sustaining the community , The story of the couple that held back part what he had and lied to peters face and the story goes they both died. That sounds pretty communal and communist to me lying to the Holy Spirit cost them their lives and why this movement in my opinion presented such a danger to Rome at this time among the non Jews and the poor this was revolutionary , this seems to be ignored by Jordan Peterson he does not understand the Jewish psyche very much , my jungian teacher and Kabbalist was Jewish , James Kirche was Jewish and I am within that linage directly connected to Jung from teacher to student , the is the Christian tradition and there is the Jewish tradition , Muslim tradition and Jewish tradition are much more closely aligned it is only recent political events of the last century that has sharply divided them but I am involved in groups that build bridges with one another in the more mystic traditions of these religions namely Sufism and Kabbalah they have very striking similarity and great interest and sharing of each other’s mystical traditions and poetry and good dialogue between them both each are very keen to understand one another at present , the form of Kabbalah I study can be very paradoxical and considered heresy by mainstream Judaism and even other sections of thought In the traditions of the Kabbalah we stand alone from other forms of Kabbalah and better known as the neo Sabbatian movement . The conflation of Christian/Judeo religion is used by Christianity to drive a wedge between relations of the Muslim and Jew and continue to agitate between the two and these have very powerful archetypal forces driving these divisions represented by Jaccob / Israel , representing the children of the Jews , Ismael is represented as archetype that is dominate upon the Arab people’s ie Islam , and edom / Essau , who is an archetype of the European gentile these archetypes have sway over these collectives

    Christian smithChristian smith3 dögum síðan
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    Kevina SmathersKevina Smathers3 dögum síðan
  • Jordan, how about “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son”? That was the assertion of St Augustine that led to humanistic values. There is a value to human life, indeed, but it is not inherantly obvious to the folk living in it, because of their bitterness. (Reply to statements at 24:16). We would like things to be shiny and perfect, but it cannot be without intervention.

    illysmanxillysmanx3 dögum síðan

    Sin of GluttonySin of Gluttony3 dögum síðan
  • 🦜🐈

    CatLadyCatLady4 dögum síðan
  • I do.

    JohanJohan4 dögum síðan
  • I feel like Jordan Peterson is the real world version of Sheogorath, and right now he's in his Jyggalag form.

    Alex BrownAlex Brown4 dögum síðan
  • 52:07 - “God Only Knows” ~Jordan Peterson

    KikiuriKikiuri6 dögum síðan
  • So..... The light..... Shows the way through the darkness. Allowing us (at personal will) Too navigate through that may Not....or Shall Not allow us too attain our maximum (personal) ability. THANK GOD...!

    Jon RealsJon Reals6 dögum síðan
  • I think the best way to separate belief and authoritarian religions is this; If you have bought bread, and package says that the expiration date is not due for another week, but you see that the bread has mold on it, you will rather investigate it than just believe what the package says.

    Lawrence HLawrence H7 dögum síðan
  • I pray for your Dr. Peterson and your Family, to Get to Know God Closely!

    Jenny DavisJenny Davis7 dögum síðan
  • Please Mr. Peterson, put all of your videos on Rumble so I have no reason to go to the anti free speech platforms of you tube, facebook and twitter.

    john smithjohn smith7 dögum síðan
  • Thank you for doing what you do Dr. Peterson. You have significantly changed my life and helped me find a purpose to life again. You've helped me in the little details, the everyday minute to minute things that I was previously unaware of how to handle. I'm truly grateful and appreciative for the things you do and the person you are.

    Mike JonesMike Jones7 dögum síðan
  • "Religion poisons everything." - Christopher Hitchens "Especially when you are searching for the truth." - me

    uk7769uk77698 dögum síðan
  • The New Testament is full of jurisprudence and even has remedies to equity.

    The A.R.C.The A.R.C.8 dögum síðan
  • The scriptures are doctrines built upon ancient esoteric systems/sciences involving the human being and creation. Many are full of such things as the occult anatomy of man, the anatomy of the macrocosm and its relationship to the microcosm(man). These sciences, which include the astrotheological influence upon the human psyche, are WELL noted by modern psychology. Carl Jung himself was a student of Manly P Hall and studied from his personal library.

    The A.R.C.The A.R.C.8 dögum síðan
  • while I am slightly annoyed at the slight vagueness of his answer about his belief in god, I at the same time have to deeply respect the seriousness with that he treats it. After thinking about it for a few minutes I found that while I believe in a god, I do so in a shallow sense that by itself means little, and can only hope and push forward to eventaully embody what it would mean to truly believe.

  • 27:20 What the world needs to hear

    Athis ProductionsAthis Productions8 dögum síðan
  • I hope he can have a little glimpse of "The Young/New Pope". It would be amazing to hear his head enjoying the trip. (I don't know if I wrote that well, sorry if I do)

    Juan PronkoJuan Pronko8 dögum síðan
  • I know God: "For who knows a person's thoughts except their own spirit within them? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God." ~1st Corinthians 2:11

    Chris MusixChris Musix8 dögum síðan
  • Dr. Peterson is built different

    noah strodtmannoah strodtman8 dögum síðan

  • The fact that at 51:24 I said out loud “Why would you peel a grape?” just shows how much smarter he is than the average human being.

    Daddy GrievousDaddy Grievous9 dögum síðan
  • Good lecture, I like this man... Well as for the deep questioning about God, I believe in God, the islamic way, because it's obvious, we can't be the one and only creature that belt civilizations, and also if there is any other ceatures like us, I guess there would some kind of attempts to reach out to us like the NASA does... Questions that this man asks, are all included in islam faith... But I disagree with him when talking about the acting part..., We believe that you can't act 100% accordingly to what God wants, because we're humans, we believe God wanted us to be in this struggle, to be trying all the time to reach the perfect but we won't be able to, we'll day only God can... it's the main cause, the main thing , is that God created us to find out this truth about our selves and, to struggle more to make it obvious for others... We can't perfect doesn't exist , only God is perfect. About, the atrocities, and all the harm humans did, in my religion it's just a testing to who witnesses and punishment or reward to who is in it... But we're all asked to act, however that's subjective, it depends on each one of us. Why God created these disparities, among humqn beings, why some are rich and some are poor, some are ill and some are healthy... The answer is very clear, we're all being tested, the poor is tested to be patient and avoid to do evil, and to try to be better, and to acquire riches by the allowed means. The rich is tested whether he'll give to the poor... There is an other thing, all human beings are equal at some point, even th poorest on earth, you might find him at night full of joy, the richest on earth won't understand or reach, because of something, whether it's a child or a warm bread... Perfect doesn't exist, only God is perfect, and you are going to struggle untill you understand it fully, and you will struggle more to have that inner peace, and you will be happy once you understand it. There is much to say, and I know there are thousands of people trying to Dim or cover the truths about islam, and that there are a lot of mistakes even muslims sin, that's a fact of being human not a fact of the religion... I hope Doctor, Peterson, gives himself a try to learn the arabic language first then to study the islamic religion. Don't confuse the religion with what some muslims did, or extremists. Islam is way pure and better that what media showed to humanity. I never wrote a comment. Peace.

    Abderrazak HartaouiAbderrazak Hartaoui9 dögum síðan
  • Who dares to belive in God? I do... William Wallace: They may take away our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!

    AIMEE readAIMEE read9 dögum síðan
  • The more angry the Atheist's get when you give them a reason for the hope within you by the Bible, the stronger your faith becomes... Amen

    AIMEE readAIMEE read9 dögum síðan
  • To anybody on the fence about God & his son Jesus Christ, please change your mind and believe in Jesus as the Messiah, the lamb that took away all the sin of the world at the cross! *want some proof?* I tried killing myself a few years ago, by walking down (directly in the middle) a train track, 100% determined to simply let the train hit me (trust me they come so fast, by the time you see it, it's probably too late) and when the train appeared around the corner, I didn't flinch or hesitate (I was ready to die) but right before it hit me, time appeared to slow down (the train seemed to be frozen in time) and I heard a gentle yet commanding voice say, "It's not your time yet." and then something took over my body and moved me off the train track and suddenly I was "back in reality" and the train was coming to a screeching halt (went about 100 or so yards past me before it came to a complete stop) and the conductor jumped out of the train, looking frantically to see if he had hit me. He had called the EMT and evwrything, I suppose convinced there was no chance I didn't get hit. That was God, that was Jesus Christ, that saved my life... I now believe in Jesus Christ in all my heart as God of all creation, that has the keys of death & He has control over whether or not a man dies. I know the gospels are true, that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, Lord of all, and died for my sins & rose from the dead 3 days later. I'm not asking you to try figure out all of history to decide whether "you agree with His decisions" in the past or in your life...im asking you to let all of your ideas go, because all your ideas of "right & wrong" are going to the same place you are...the grave. But if you honestly call upon the name of Jesus Christ, the God that saved my life then you *will be saved* 100% guarenteed!

    jaydee_xyjaydee_xy11 dögum síðan
  • P

    Samantha MarieSamantha Marie11 dögum síðan
  • If God actually exist as a being that means he is not alone in the universe and not the only God. Gods are just ideas , fundamental ones but most of all Gods they are ideas.

    Aristos SokratousAristos Sokratous11 dögum síðan
  • "Who dares say he believes in God?" One who has started to understand the depth of God's grace.

    RedeemedRedeemed11 dögum síðan
    • @Mofay S From the outside, how does a person who is possessed by an ideology look different from a person possessed by God?

      Channel Nobody WatchesChannel Nobody Watches3 dögum síðan
    • "Who dares to say that he believes in God?" An ideologically possessed person who missed the ENTIRE point of this lecture.

      Mofay SMofay S6 dögum síðan
  • Who dares to say they KNOW God exists? Carl Jung that's who! When asked in a TV interview if he believed in God replied "I don't believe, I know!" He did smile when he said it, but what does Knowing actually mean and how could you Know? That's something that's puzzled me and I'm amazed that I've never heard Jordan refer to this amazing statement.

    blue worldzblue worldz12 dögum síðan
  • Every time I finish watching a Terrence Popp video, I'm automatically directed to Jordan Peterson. Is there a connection here?

    Ram QueenRam Queen12 dögum síðan
  • 15 I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.(AB) 16 And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good.(AC) 17 As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me.(AD) 18 For I know that good itself does not dwell in me, that is, in my sinful nature.[c](AE) For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. 19 For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do-this I keep on doing.(AF) 20 Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it.(AG) 21 So I find this law at wor Romans 7

    Logan PLogan P12 dögum síðan
  • "48.00" (and if you run into problems with women its not the women its You.......well mostly... ) Jorden is a blessing to this world ... a light in a dark place.... but and However... ITS CLear he hasent been to MElbourne ..LOL in regard to that statement ... he can come here and see...Oh i believe im a bit wrong...... i sure know he come down under in 2017 ? i think and was on a talk show? i remember him asking the "women" to stop insulting him and just ask a clear question so he can forthrightly explain.... maybe he needs to come again to refresh his memory ! LOL...

    Archie MattocksArchie Mattocks12 dögum síðan
  • I've just watched this and umm how to put this in a quick short text so hopefully you'll read it. I am literally listening to my Daemon who's not letting me put my phone down until I've messaged you. I don't know how to put this but I believe you've just described the very journey I'm currently on. I've got so much to say about my current situation which I must add I've been depressed since leaving work back in march. My hands are shaking Asim typing because I don't do technology and I'm never going to be able to put it all in a text message but feel like you've just described the journey I'm on.

    Emma HEmma H13 dögum síðan
    • My name is Emma

      Emma HEmma H13 dögum síðan
  • "..human consciousness is that faculty that confronts potential itself... what our consciousness seems to be for is to encounter those things that we have not yet encountered... it's to transform the future into the present..."

    Blair ArchboldBlair Archbold13 dögum síðan
  • He is constantly beside the point. He criticizes points nobody made. He was better when he was younger. Then he looked people in the face, he saw people, here he looks down on the floor more talking to himself publicly.

    HarryGuitHarryGuit13 dögum síðan
  • You don’t get anywhere with an answer like that. Well, in the beginning he rightfully claimed, that there are questions, that can’t be answered in the tv debate format. You don‘t get very far with an answer like that? Right! No be would claim he could. This was but the beginning of an answer. What he didn’t get was the intended meaning: You don’t need a god to honor your fellow humans. You do can get very far from this point!

    HarryGuitHarryGuit13 dögum síðan
  • Club of Rome and its predictions. He says it didn’t happen. That club was very influential. Didn’t they publish this work „Global 2000“? If their extrapolations didn’t come true that was at least in part due to their work. They didn’t say: „This will happen“, they rather said „If we don‘t change course, this will happen.“ Their publications had a great impact on politics world wide. Not enough but ... yes. So trying to shame them by claiming they didn‘t predict quite right is a bit too shallow. I used to like him talking about psychology. That’s his field of competence.

    HarryGuitHarryGuit13 dögum síðan
  • LOGICAL ARGUMENTS FOR THE EXISTENCE OF A CREATOR GOD For those of you struggling with the concept of the existence of a CREATOR GOD and who do not want it rammed down your throat with the BLIND FAITH approach of religious fanatics, perhaps this logical line of reasoning will help you make a more informed decision…one not based solely on blind faith alone but based also on the FACTS and the evidence that we do SEE. Speaking as a TRIAL LAWYER of thirty years and accustomed to always relying upon the BEST EVIDENCE, and speaking as an experienced ALT medicine researcher, I have studied the arguments for and against the existence of a CREATOR GOD for many years and from the perspective of various scientific disciplines. There will still be some element of BLIND FAITH involved but this opinion is also based on INCONTROVERTIBLE, UNDENIABLE and IRREFUTABLE FACTS. HERE IS WHAT I MEAN I have examined the EVIDENCE of the complexity of our magnificent DESIGN OF LIFE, and I see a machine with unlimited capacity for self-repair and maintenance and with numerous back-up and FAIL SAFE systems. Our design of life has a HARD DRIVE, a set of detailed programs called DNA and a built in factory which can manufacture materials that we need from scratch. The “ evolutionists “ want me to believe that this just developed by itself? Are they kidding? Instead, based on my observations, and borrowing an expression from my thirty years as a trial lawyer, I came to the conclusion that; From the PREPONDERANCE OF PROOF and on the BALANCE OF PROBABILITIES, it is much more LOGICAL to conclude that our DESIGN OF LIFE is the work of a CREATOR GOD or an INTELLIGENT DESIGNER and the product of an INTENTIONAL design rather then just the result of RANDOM chance and the mere passage of time. For example, when you examine our INNATE IMMUNE SYSTEM, one of TWO such systems that we have, the other being the ADAPTIVE immune system, you learn that it takes on average twenty (20) separate and distinct chronological chemical steps, executed in perfect SEQUENCE, to illicit even one immune response. If a major system, like the LYMPH system fails to eliminate lymph fluid in its normal way, it is backed up by a hidden fail-safe system which we are not even aware of and which will kick in and allows LYMPH to excrete through the skin. Recently we discovered another program hidden in our DNA which we were unaware of whereby the body cleanses itself of pathogens and even cancer cells when we go through an extended FAST. This has been dubbed AUTOPHAGY, it has won a NOBEL prize for it’s discoverer, and it raises the prospect that there are other such wonderful programs hidden in our machine which GOD has installed into our hard drive and software which only come into play in emergency and special circumstances and which we have yet to discover. Just look at an anatomy chart of the structure of our MUSCULAR system. You have multiple over-lapping layers of muscles criss-crossing at different levels and at different angles, each pulling in different directions and having a specific action and a role in movement. I want some evolution theorists to explain how the SUPRA-SPINATUS muscle developed according to the principles of conventional “ evolution theory”…evolution theory is sheer and utter NONSENSE. It makes no sense that such a complex DESIGN OF LIFE is merely the result of RANDOM CHANCE. If you said this about any other manifestly magnificent design structure… you would be called BRAIN DEAD. The evolutionists’ THEORY about random chance acting over long periods of time, which is still an UNPROVEN theory, is as ridiculous as the suggestion that if you put a bunch of monkeys in a room with typewriters long enough then eventually, over a long enough period of time, they would also produce the complete works of SHAKESPEARE ! What do the “evolution” theorists want us to believe? That a bolt of lightening hit a primitive pile of doo-doo four billion years ago…and BINGO…eventually here we are? This is patent NONSENSE and violates plain COMMON SENSE. The MAIN arguments in the theory of EVOLUTION are so fragile and tortured that they can be dismissed with numerous arguments, but this following simple argument is more than enough; If EVOLUTION alone explains our existence then how come APES are still swinging in the trees? There is no valid or convincing answer for this FLAGRANT CONTRADICTION within that “ theory ”. Saying that we “ split “ off from a common ancestor would still not explain why the other ape line did not build skyscrapers before we did. As President Lyndon B. Johnson once said; “ You cannot SUCK and BLOW at the same time”. Either we “evolved” from the more primitive APES or we did not. The fact that APES still exist or that they did not build skyscrapers before we did…cannot be explained by this theory. There are MANY, many more such contradictions, caveats and exceptions pitched by this unfounded theory of evolution but this is enough by itself to discredit it. Finally, my overall message is that; We are no longer primitive camel drivers or sheep herders and we can accept the possibility and probability that the CREATOR GOD is an actual, real and physical being in whose “ image we were made “, as it says, and not just some imaginary, intangible or mystical entity. GOD’S GREAT DESIGN OF LIFE SHOULD NOT BE INTERFERED WITH One of the main consequences of this perspective about the origins of our design of life being the work of a CREATOR GOD or INTELLIGENT DESIGNER is that mankind should reconsider the way the mainstream medical community deals with catastrophic illnesses and cancer and the constantly newly emerging pathogens like the COVID-19 virus which has baffled the medical community and paralyzed the entire planet. The obsession with toxic drugs, burning radiation and slashing surgery is a flagrant and INEFFECTIVE failure. We should consider looking for a new and paradigm shift in the way we deal with these diseases and try to explore new ALTERNATIVE sciences which do not interfere with some of the very elements of this design of life that GOD gave us to protect us and eventually look for ways which just provide it with a little help it needs to work at it’s optimal potential. It is mankind’s divine duty and privilege to try to find better ways to deal with these illnesses and cancer and pathogens, like these new viruses, and stop what I call the WANTON SLAUGHTER of so many of GOD’s children of all ages where millions of people die every year because of the current primitive state of knowledge about this design and methods which interfere with it, which should be an embarrassment to our medical community. One such non-intrusive and non-toxic ALT science is that of DR. RAYMOND ROYAL RIFE who back in the 1930’s cured many diseases and killed numerous pathogens and virus using only RADIO FREQUENCY to destroy them. His methods were proven so obviously effective in a controlled clinical trial at USC in 1934 where he cured 16 out of 16 terminally ill patients, 14 with Cancer and 2 with Tuberculosis, that the A.M.A tried to buy shares in his company. When RIFE refused, the A.M.A. banned his method, and prosecuted doctors using it. Unlike other wild and unproven “ conspiracy “ theories about suppressed secret CURES, these groups ended up in a COURT battle where all of this evidence is a matter of public record. Efforts to revive the science of RIFE and his methods have failed to date because they have not EXACTLY duplicated his ORIGINAL work and have not used his original killer frequencies or the other elements of his treatment protocol. This is what we should be exploring along with various forms of OXYGEN therapy, WHICH have also been proven effective…which is an initiative which I am relentlessly working on trying to make into a reality as my way of trying to serve the CREATOR GOD. I hope that these arguments help some of you to finally resolve this issue and to accept the LOGICAL conclusion of the existence of a CREATOR GOD…and if so, then welcome to the team !

    Leon MaliniakLeon Maliniak13 dögum síðan
  • 56:40 You are wrong about difference between Christianity and Marxist PoV on collective guilt. They share same position on this subject, they hold us responsible for sins of your predecessors, like it or not. If your grandfather hold factory, Marxist would see you as guilty same as Christians will see you as sinner on birth because Adam and Eve disobey God and bite apple.

    aleksa99sealeksa99se14 dögum síðan
  • What Jordan Peterson knows but maybe doesn't understand is the idea of grace. In the Bible it's never said you need to get better yourself so that you can come closer to God. The idea is exactly the opposite, that we are incapable of doing so. Therefore we need to accept a gift. That's what grace means. It's for free. Trying to be better is an obligation we have. It doesn't ever gives us a seat beside God. The seat is offered for free and as gratitude we try to be like Jesus and try to do what is right. Ephesians 2 8 For it is by grace (for free) you have been saved, through faith-and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift (for free) of God- 9 not by works (we can't earn it), so that no one can boast (we can use "doing good deeds" as money to buy what is given for free and feel we are good).

    Inglês SWJ - Simple With JonasInglês SWJ - Simple With Jonas14 dögum síðan
  • Humans are not valuable. Human are a waste. God could have just created dinosaurs and stuck with that.

    Raine PhachoumphoneRaine Phachoumphone14 dögum síðan
    • If humans are nothing then there's nothing wrong with whipping them out. . This way of thinking will destroy humanity.

      Toms MarkovsToms Markovs2 dögum síðan
  • wait. how is this free.

    Elaine HongElaine Hong14 dögum síðan
  • He misunderstood the lesson of Christ’s reply of : “Why do you call me good when God alone is good”. This was not backing down from challenge, it was in fact backing up that he was claiming to be God himself! The larger context seems lost, based on Jordan’s oversight and simplification. I love Jordan and especially his influence. I do pray for him. Funny, he has more reverence for God than the average “Christian”. God help us.

    Zoreya SwainZoreya Swain14 dögum síðan
  • W ❤️GOD

    X MarmolejosX Marmolejos15 dögum síðan
  • "Who dares to say she believes in God?" From my perspective: Since I love truthfulness, peacefulness, kindness, helpfulness, health, happiness, justice, brilliance, beauty, wonder, magnificence, laughter and fun - shall I wonder where this love comes from? Who created this love in me? Since I love truth, I pursue truth - who created this passion within me for more truth and more truth? Since I pursued truth, I discovered the truth of our Earth and the truth of humankind - while the others grope in darkness. Yes, I am one who believes in God - to say so is to be human - to squirm is to expose one's failure.

    Whirled PublishingWhirled Publishing15 dögum síðan
    • ​@Toms Markovs I commend Jordan for helping thousands of men to live a better life - but he has failed to do have sufficient passion for truth, because while he was teaching, he failed to understand the facts which resulted in him misleading his followers - and now, distracted by your own sanctimonious, self-righteous, self-aggrandizing belief that you and your guru are superior, you fail to comprehend my original comment which exposes much more about yourself and your guru. I wrote: Since I love truth, I pursue truth - who created this passion within me for more truth and more truth? ( God did. ) *** Since I pursued the truth, I discovered the truth - about our world, about our Earth and the truth of humankind - while the others - including Jordan - grope in darkness. Yes, I am one who believes in God - to say so is to be human - to squirm is to expose one's failures. To know God exists is to enjoy the fullness of life.

      Whirled PublishingWhirled PublishingDegi Síðan síðan
    • @Whirled Publishing Well he made some good points. . saying you believe and actually believing are two different things. He had the pedo priest example. . do they believe in god? . . clearly not. Or it's like. . if you know your dad is watching you won't just start masturbating in front of him. . i think believe is the wrong word.

      Toms MarkovsToms MarkovsDegi Síðan síðan
    • @Toms Markovs The question may be a struggle for Jordan - but within myself, this question is resolved: to be human is to believe in God.

      Whirled PublishingWhirled PublishingDegi Síðan síðan
    • did you watch the lecture?

      Toms MarkovsToms Markovs2 dögum síðan
  • What books or courses should I do to speak like this man

    ProudIndianJoe1ProudIndianJoe115 dögum síðan
  • He is an insanely important man.

    Sanzhar ShaimerdenSanzhar Shaimerden15 dögum síðan
  • Ah well, warning unheeded hey!

    Autumn PendergastAutumn Pendergast15 dögum síðan
  • Thank you so very much. I hope you safe happy and healthy Sir. You are a treasure.

    Aarcus Is LoadingAarcus Is Loading15 dögum síðan
  • Regarding where humans derive their value from, certainly in western cultures which are built on Judeo-Christian beliefs, we are of immense value because we are made in God's image. IOW we share many of God's attributes, not simply acting for the most part on instinct (that's over-simplified) as other created beings do .Our self awareness (consciousness) & conscience point to this. The fact that we evidently are so flawed doesn't change this, for although we are flawed due to original sin (a concept drawn from the Judeo-Christian metanarrative that undergirds western society), we are so inherently valuable to God that He took His sins upon Himself & paid the penalty for our sins Himself. Whilst Western societies are no longer Christian societies, Christian values still linger on (values change at a slower rate than culture does, a process known as cultural lag), hence the still prevalent notion that each of us is inherently valuable. But, having killed God (I refer to Nietzsche), we no longer have any reason to regard ourselves as valuable beings, especially when we are acutely aware of the evil/malevolence and potential for more of it that which resides in our very being. This issue is closely related to us finding meaning in life. Once God is out of the picture, it is not at all obvious that humans are worth anything & our reason for being is jeopardised. Sure, without God, we can still live, as Dr J P has said, to live our noblest life. But I believe there exists in the heart of mankind a God shaped vacuum (otherwise known as the God-implulse), which only the Lord God can satisfy

    Julie MaugerJulie Mauger16 dögum síðan
  • The question is: Do you believe in God and he answers: No, I am not a saint.

    dzikikapitalizmdzikikapitalizm16 dögum síðan
  • Sheesh. I'd hate be standing in line behind this guy at the grocery store when they ask him "paper or plastic?".

    joesedditjoeseddit17 dögum síðan
  • it's important to point out that Jesus didn't say "don't call me good", he says "WHY you call me good, there is just one good one: GOD", hence, what Jesus is saying is that is ok with this person to call him good if he thought and believed that he's God.

    Samuel Rojas PeñalozaSamuel Rojas Peñaloza18 dögum síðan
  • His genius reduces my thinking to "Me. Food. Eat."

    Canned LaughterCanned Laughter18 dögum síðan
  • Hmmm!! Jehovah's Witnesses called while i was watching this video! we talked for 7 min and she did not make me believe in a god! xD she did not agree with me on the fact that believing the earth is flat and beliving in a god is just as stupid!...

    RonniriissRonniriiss18 dögum síðan
    • @Dalton Williams did you just call science a God!? 🤣

      RonniriissRonniriiss18 klukkustundum síðan
    • Whatever you call it. Your God Science would have to be conscious. The sameway that you are conscious and reading this .

      Dalton WilliamsDalton Williams23 klukkustundum síðan
  • This feels I'm listening to a god

    Tokoloho ReginaldTokoloho Reginald20 dögum síðan
  • It is obvious to me that this man is very mislead and does not have a true understanding of Christ and his love and mercy for his children. I pray that he finds his way. I watch this and am reminded of 1 Corinthians chapter 1 verse 18 - 20.

  • 42:58 😂😂

    KAME HAMEHAKAME HAMEHA20 dögum síðan
  • Who dares say she believes in God? Hmmm, not sure. More importantly, who dares say she believes in Zeus? Or Athena? Neither of those two sadistically flooded the planet and watched as countless people - and babies - terrifyingly gasped their last breath before drowning. What was Jesus/Yahweh thinking?

    penfropenfro20 dögum síðan
  • If God exist he is biggest troll ever, he is probably one day well come end brag how stupid humans are to not believe in him without evidence, when scientist asks him how he make this reality and world he well probely ansewer: What you think when you say reality? What is world? What is God? What is humans? And he well magically become big ass weasel and ask scientist what you think now you stupid ass scientist's?

    ik stik st20 dögum síðan
  • 1:05:40 You are only weasel aut question, smart man duh, A weasel. Kind of cute, actually. Deceitfully cute...? Some people might say so. LOL

    ik stik st20 dögum síðan
  • Before i knew Peterson I never expected to like a video that has anything to do with god or christianity, because I find it interesting. He's very good at articulating the importance of ethically responsible lifestyles, by use of christianity. You don't have to believe in selfless acts, he has a talent of explaining WHY the efforts are not only beneficial for others, but also the individual, because a reasonable answer to why, gives meaning and meaning gives purpose.

    Yannick NaertYannick Naert20 dögum síðan
  • He should be a pastor

    Rebecca BrownsonRebecca Brownson20 dögum síðan
  • What’s the title of those books he mentions at 8:30 by Xenophon and Plato ??

    voorheesvoorhees20 dögum síðan
  • God loves You! I recomend to You to lern the books of Rick Joyner!

    Ihor ZaitsevIhor Zaitsev21 degi síðan síðan
  • Love listening to Mr. Peterson but the commercials are very distracting and annoying.

    MRMMRM22 dögum síðan
  • The mixed spring ultrasonographically waste because texture geographically want into a nostalgic beetle. tidy, tangible letter

    Marcus and MatMarcus and Mat22 dögum síðan
  • I will always say I believe in God..... Jesus Christ. I know I will eventually pay belief. Viva Cristo Rey♥️🙏✝️

    Alicia GomezAlicia Gomez23 dögum síðan
  • Listening to this made me have a realisation. Alot of leftists today love communism and marxist ideals, they don't seem to stop talking about this utopian equality and yet, they constantly set rules to each genders, races, only certain groups can say certain words etc. These are direct contradictions to their wanted utopian equal society. It's like they say one thing to seem good and virtues, but they want to be the master of this new society, which ironic because it will directly lead to "well this wasn't REAL communism".

    RaisenRaisen23 dögum síðan
  • 1:11:40 Sums up the point of the bible and your purpose.

    EllipsisEllipsis23 dögum síðan
  • Jesus didn’t say “Don’t call me good. There is none good but God.” He said “Why do you call me good? There is none good but God.” He was not unwilling to call Himself God, but was actually using a thought provoking question to imply his divinity. The whole reason that the Sanhedrin condemned Him was that he claimed to be God.

    Jordan LesleyJordan Lesley23 dögum síðan
  • I dare say, he does. :)

    Bubbas ReviewsBubbas Reviews23 dögum síðan
  • The bible was written to confound the wise in their conceit. The fact that JP is even thinking about salvation tells me he isn't puffed up, and truly seeks truth to all things. God bless him. I hope he is saved before his time.

    BigDaddy LoveTapBigDaddy LoveTap23 dögum síðan
  • Dear Dr Peterson. Having watched dozens of you videos, I believe that you are a very intelligent, knowledgable and conscientious person who would definitely benefit from an intellectual challenge of reading the so-called Indian classics such as Mahabharata, Bhagavad-Gita, etc. I mean this in a very positive way with all due respect. I promise you that these books will challenge your views on God, cosmology/cosmogony, ethics, reincarnation (vs one-life-scenario) and many, many more! Please choose a version written by a devotee of God as opposed to one written by an atheist (what can they know about God Whom they deny) - here are my two best translations: Mahabharat by Krishna Dharma (a British 'convert' to Sanatana Dharma, aka Hinduism and the Gita by AC Bhaktivedanta Swami, the best-selling Gita and said by many to be the most truthful translation to the original message of the speaker of the Gita, God Himself, known as Allah, Yahwe, Krishna etc) Wishing you a fruitful reading and many realizations. And please! Share your thoughts with us. The world needs your thoughts on these books. Western science is due to examine the Vedic/Indian thought in an unbiased way. So far most of the so-called Sanskritists/Indologists are like kids who cannot see beyond their Western/Christian conditioning and their large ego. I respect you highly for challenging your own biases. You may not think yourself a devotee of God by your reasoning and your actions prove to me that you are a follower (devotee?) of God Best wishes for the New Year to you and your family. Krishnadasa, Belgium

    Krishna-Dasa Malla-Ari-KrishnaKrishna-Dasa Malla-Ari-Krishna23 dögum síðan
  • He had said everybody needs to believe in somebody bigger than themselves (he had a dream about Kings bowing down to Christ).

    Vicki MannVicki Mann24 dögum síðan
  • Dr Peterson really brings out the philosopher in us all

    Captain JackeyCaptain Jackey24 dögum síðan
  • Just a thought if the person Xenophon is one of the ones that reported Socrates did not leave Athena after they threatened to kill him is that where we get the term Xena phobia Which means the fear of leaving where you are.

    Stephen snyderStephen snyder24 dögum síðan
  • I love Jordan Peterson, and I suppose I understand what he's saying. In the instance towards those individual who stay in the their mother's basement all their lives, they are essentially living within a Marxist utopia all their own within the confinement of their parents support. But I do believe that there are some Marxist viewpoints that are completely valid. Capitalism should not be so easily accepted. At least not in its current state. All in all though. This was a fantastic experience. His lectures are always phenomenal.

    Pacer TPacer T24 dögum síðan
  • Word salad

    bubble of peace. bubble of peace.bubble of peace. bubble of peace.24 dögum síðan
  • Socrates didn't write ... all we know is throgh the writings of Plato.

    r liikanenr liikanen24 dögum síðan
  • "Um No." - Jordan Peterson

    Pytyris-StormbladePytyris-Stormblade25 dögum síðan
  • That story of Jakob. Oh boy. That is not what I, as an Orthadox Jew, has learned. For anyone interested, I will type it because it is really bothering me. First of all, Orthadox Jews really read the old testament, like really deep into it. I'm saying so deep, pages of commentary for every sentence. There are no extra words in the old testament, so when one that seems a little extra, such as a title, there is a lot of different commentaries saying why, or what it's trying to tell you. It can be interpreted in so many ways. The whole basis for Judaism is studying the old testament and following it. One thing is that Jakob wrestled with G-d. No. He wrestled with his brother's (I don't know the English name for it. I learned the names in Hebrew) angle. Also, Jakob means heal, as in the heal on your leg, because his brother was holding onto that when he was born, I can't remember the specifics. Why Jakob tricked his father into giving him the bachor (The perks that come with being first born) is because Isaac was blind because of old age, and therefore didn't leave the house very often. Esav, Jacob's brother, was a terrible person, except in one area: honoring his parents. Esav always went hunting and brought back food prepared for his father, and was a different person around him. This was all that Isaac knew about Esav, and thought that he was a very good person, and was very proud, so of course Rebecca (his wife) didn't want to tell him "atually your son is terrible" because that would break his heart. So instead she and Jacob tricked him. So why Jacob changed his name, this is also very interesting, and is actually what I'm studying right now. Jacob has flaws to work on, 2 in particular (that were actually also similar to what his wives were working on at the time, its actually very sweat the reason why) First he was working on making physical things spiritual, so he was called Jacob, but once he was able to overcome that and he won against Esav's angel, he was called Isreal because now he has a new flaw to work on, seeing that everything is from G-d. 1:18:33 Lol. Ohhhh, honey, you have no idea. Regardless of weather you believe what's written about the old testament by Jews, it is very interesting, and they go very deep into it. Like you have no idea. So, on the rare chance that someone actually read this and might be interested in hearing more, or has a question, Kol Hacavod! (That's a Hebrew expression for good job, means literally all the honor) So ask me if you want. Also, I am a woman and study the old testament. In fact, basically all orthadox woman study, or at least have studied in school, the old testament.

    Cookie Di AngeloCookie Di Angelo25 dögum síðan
  • What is an amnesiac dyslexic agnostic? Someone who stays up all night wondering if there's a dog

    Cookie Di AngeloCookie Di Angelo25 dögum síðan
  • The question was, do you believe in God, not, are you living the unblemished life of Christ, so that you can say you believe in God.

    Tumpsky and Mrs SmallTumpsky and Mrs Small25 dögum síðan