The Weeknd - Save Your Tears (Official Music Video)

5 jan 2021
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Official music video by The Weeknd performing "Save Your Tears"- 'After Hours' available everywhere now:

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Directed by Cliqua
Produced by Roisín Audrey Moloney
Executive Producer: Jerad Anderson
Production Company: Florence
Abel’s Costume Designer: Matt Henson
Prosthetics: Mike Marino, Prosthetic Renaissance
Director of Photography: Xiaolong Liu
Production Designer: Annie Sperling
1st AD: Mike Alberts
Production Supervisor: Tori Storosh
Production Supervisor: Joe Keenan
Assist. Production Supervisor: Linda Nhem
Cast Costume Designer: Lisa Madonna
Gaffer: Matt Ardine
Key Grip: Jon Booker
Camera Operator Nick Muller
Steadicam Colin MacDonnell
Editor: Miles Trahan
Color: Matt Osbourne @ Company 3
Sound Design: Christian Stropko
Online: Sunset Edit
Titles: Bradley Pinkerton
Na na, yeah
I saw you dancing in a crowded room
You look so happy when I'm not with you
But then you saw me, caught you by surprise
A single teardrop falling from your eye
I don't know why I run away
I make you cry when I run away
You could've asked me why I broke your heart
You could've told me that you fell apart
But you walked past me like I wasn't there
And just pretended like you didn't care
I don't know why I run away
I make you cry when I run away
Take me back 'cause I wanna stay
Save your tears for another
Save your tears for another day
Save your tears for another day
I made you think that I would always stay
I said some things that I should never say
Yeah, I broke your heart like someone did to mine
And now you won't love me for a second time
I don't know why I run away, oh, girl
Said I make you cry when I run away
Girl, take me back 'cause I wanna stay
Save your tears for another
I realize that I'm much too late
And you deserve someone better
Save your tears for another day (Ooh, yeah)
Save your tears for another day (Yeah)
I don't know why I run away
I make you cry when I run away
Save your tears for another day, ooh, girl (Ah)
I said save your tears for another day (Ah)
Save your tears for another day (Ah)
Save your tears for another day (Ah)
#TheWeeknd #SaveYourTears #AfterHours
Music video by The Weeknd performing Save Your Tears. © 2021 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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  • Michael Jackson : i have the best and expensive white color! The Weeknd : yeah you have that but me i have the best and expensive face surgery they called me "squidward".

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