The Pet Peeves Song (Official Music Video)

3 maí 2021
5 030 197 Áhorf

Our first ever MUSIC VIDEO lol !
Stay tuned for our behind the scenes video dropping next week!
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Song Writer: Ben Rogers
Vocals: Dude Perfect
Song Mixer: Aaron Kelley
Song produced at: Luminous Sound, Dallas TX
Dude Perfect -- Yas Yas - haha
Why are you talking like that?
Recording a lit video, bro - A song about Pet Peeves, brah
That’s interesting because my #1 pet peeve is people overusing bro and brah
I hear you brah… but Pet Peeves are makin my life a grind, bro
You’re actually grindin on my nerves, like right now

Man, listen… I’mma break it down with precision
The mission, is to expose pet peeve conditions
I’ll list em, like couples, who over-say bae
Or people goin around saying that’s cray cray

And I gotta be honest -- I was really hopin
You could stop eating with your mouth wide open
And try Scopin, please back up off me
Breath smellin like burnt dog poop and coffee

And stop these, baby-name catastrophes
Like Ransom, Melanomia and ABCDE
And I’m sick of passin these dogs that bark a lot
Why are you leaving grocery carts in a parkin lot?

And whether it’s dark or not, why oh why oh why oh why
Are you takin TWO parkin spots?
Cause you’re drivin nuts, like missin one foot puts
I think I’m hatin your guts, it’s simply too much
Pet Peeves are on my mind
Makin my life a grind
Pet Peeves are on my mind
Makin my life, my life, my life, OH
Pet Peeves are on my mind
Makin my life a grind
Pet Peeves are on my mind
A grind, a grind, a grind, a grind OH
It happens every day, why must it be this way?
Another couple throwin down excessive PDA
And what am I supposed to do?
It always lights my fuse
When I squeeze mustard, but all I get is mustard juice

Dude Perfect. Listen up, it will be worth it.
I can’t stand it when pet peeves surface
Like opening a cereal bag and it explodes
Or no toilet paper over by the commode

Or someone breaking the code, of eatin food off my plate
They didn’t order no fries, but all of mine they ate
I can’t stand human zombies in a trance with their phone
I can’t stand human beings wearing too much cologne

I can’t stand close talkers, people all in my face
Or people talkin in a movie, this is such a disgrace
Or people walking round town loud talkin their phone
I wanna get up in their face and say I do not condone

I hate sign stealin cheaters
One-up story tellers
Constant interrupters
BO body smellers
Because you’re driving me nuts, like missin one foot puts
I think I’m hatin your guts, it’s simply too much

It happens every day, I can’t believe when I see
Someone refuse to cover their mouth when they have to sneeze
And What am I supposed to do - how am I supposed to breathe?
When someone says suppoably instead of supposedly
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Director / Producer: Ryan Britton
Producer: Ryan Walsh
Director of Photography: Pablo Tobon-Gallo
1st AD: Christopher Bigbie
Script Supervisor: Jason Matthews
Music Playback: Jorge Garza
1st AC: Jack Mayo
1st AC: Thomas Blanks
2nd AC: Sam Sengoll
DIT / Additional Photography: Chad Terrell
Gaffer: Andrew Redd
Key Grip: Marcus Stitt
Key Grip: Paul Carroll
Grip: Jordan Stitt
Swing / Driver: Russell Rakestraw
SFX Lighting: Jeff Moss
SFX Lighting: David Promrose
SFX: Joe Carpenter
SFX: Josh Fletcher
SFX Grip: JT Huffer
PA: Emma Trevino-Steinhoff
PA: Shundrea Burnett
PA: Wyatt Wilson
PA: Zahra Ghoncheh
Art PA: Bryant Watley
Editor: Tim Holt
Colorist: Pablo Tobon-Gallo
Special thanks to:
Adam Dietrich
Anna Mayo
MP&E Cameras and Lighting
Brewed, Fort Worth TX
Angelika Movie Theater, Dallas TX
Market Street, Frisco TX
Westridge Golf Course, McKinney TX
City of Frisco, TX
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