6 mar 2021
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    • Brent is a good person

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    • I love ur videos!!!

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    • I won't miss it

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  • Brent teacher is soo sweet I wish I had that teacher in my school

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  • His spanish techer:Shut up shut up shut up... Me:ummm just take it and leave

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  • Poor Lexi she was cryings she look so sad

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  • When Lexi Hensler said it wasn’t funny she sound like she was laughing

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  • Brent your videos are so so good

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  • I wonder how Lexi is now knowing what a monster David dobrik is

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    • @・ M O C H I I ・ just check, it's not what I expected

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    • What happened???

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  • Lexi: *hes lying-* Brent: *no*

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  • David is. My. Favorite. ISpast

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  • Ur spanish teacher and ur sister has the same reaction when u surprise the "shut up shut up no wayyy " love u guys

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  • I feel soooo sad for lexi hensler

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    • Why????

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  • your so awesome

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  • Lexi hensler crying got to me

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  • Fuckin house tour

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  • Lexi‘s reaction is priceless 5:22

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  • Well this didn’t age well

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  • whats up Brent I get lexi

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  • Done DoDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDonev

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  • I like your video's 😁

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  • I so thought it was fake

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  • hey brent i have a idea if this video gets 100000000000 likes that means lexi and david will be married for 1 week

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  • david dorbik with mrbeast

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  • The way Brent looks at the camera while he is hugging he's Spanish teacher from high school 🤣

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  • Y’all are soo nice!!😍😍

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  • I like ur vids!!!

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  • Pierson has a muscle

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  • Done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done… I’m done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done done other than none don’t know no no no no no no no no no no no no

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  • How does he do that art

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  • Lexi.H was crying poor thing

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  • I want to hear Brent speak Spanish

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  • Brent you're mean sometimes, if I'm one of your friends and you will prank me I would never be your friend anymore.

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  • No one: Ben: 🥵👋 Brent: like this video for a house tour Lexi: like it up Me: 😫😂

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  • “Done”☺

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  • Lexi: ARE YOU REAL!??? (Squeezes David’s face) Me: oh shit she crazy 🤨

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  • 1:17 That was so looking real! And if I was Pierson. I ain't even gonna breight!

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  • Brent I love u so much but can you do more videos with Andrew in too but I love the squad to no offence and can you do a video on reading the subcribes messages and answering them pls

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  • Where did you go to college

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  • The fact that when they're giving out iPads and stuff's they let those people win on purpose.this is why I love brent.

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  • Done! And I luv u guys so much if its ever possible to meet u guys I m tellin u Im gonna b hella Excied Ilygsm

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  • This didn’t age well

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  • "Done"

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  • David and Lexi are so damn funny

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  • Poor lexi omg she sounded so sad I was about to cry

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  • People are going to ship lexy x David l can just feel it

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