People and Planet: Full edit with the audience Q&A session

16 mar 2011
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Broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough presents the 2011 RSA President's Lecture.

The dangers facing the earth's ecosystems are well known and the subject of great concern at all levels. Climate change is high on the list. But there is an underlying and associated cause -- population growth.

  • All well and salid, he's right in many aspects (mind due this recording was made before COVID-19) Unfortunately, these days, control of the world population seems to be leaning to total world domination. But we all play a role in the sustainability of our planet, from the recycling of a minute piece of chewing gum wrapping to how many times we drive our car down street every time we forget an item. We should, as individuals, plan ahead and be organised with our daily living. Take heed of Sir David A.'s words and more over, take heed of Jesus Christ's words when He warns: "...and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth." (Revelation 11:18 KJV)

    Lilian RodriguezLilian Rodriguez23 dögum síðan
  • The interlocking negative effects of massive overpopulation, run away global warming, and irredeemable environmental degradation has already progressed far past the tipping point that augurs global economic and social collapse. Only a rapid and catastrophic decline in human population to pre- industrial revolution levels would provide a reprieve - maybe. And that is too horrible to contemplate.

    Tensai JuusanTensai Juusan27 dögum síðan
  • WANT TO HELP SAVE THE PLANET? Here are 6 things every person can do NOW to save the Earth: 1. Go VEGAN. (food, clothes, accessories, toiletries, make-up, furniture etc.) 2. Consume products LESS and become an INFORMED consumer. - Don't buy *anything* new (except if necessary, like medicine or contact lenses). You can buy basically everything USED or make it yourself. - Do your RESEARCH before buying anything. Many products are destroying the environment via the extraction of raw materials, production process, transportation... Also production lines are full of human labor abuses. Do your RESEARCH if you must buy something. Remember, your purchase of a product acts to support that company and everything that went into that product. - If you don't know 100% how a product was made at each and every step, then **do NOT buy the product**. You could be unknowingly supporting the extinction of orangutans in Indonesia (ex. palm oil) or the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest (ex. beef). No joke. Stop buying products unless you are 100% informed. Don't be selfish. You don't need most products. Buy it used at eBay/Craigslist/Goodwill or make it yourself instead of contributing to the destruction of the planet. - Check if the product has any certifications, such as: RainforestAlliance, FairTrade, RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, USDA Organic etc. - Stop buying via Amazon!!! It has rampant human rights abuses that have been clearly reported on many times, including abuses and neglect during COVID-19. In addition, despite some of its 'climate pledges', Amazon has a terrible negative impact on the environment. Think factories, energy-usages, packing for all of those boxes, carbon emissions for the trucks that deliver them etc. If you buy via Amazon you are supporting human rights abuses and environmental degradation. Do you really need that product? Just buy it used or at least directly form the actual company. Don't be selfish, be responsible. 3. Go plastic and packaging free. Don't buy ANYTHING with non-compostable packaging, or that's made of non-environmental material. If you do, make sure it's recyclable and recycle it properly. 4. ADOPT and REDUCE family sizes. - Humans have overpopulated the world and are destroying the environment as a result, especially people living in 'modernized' countries. The human population is almost at 8 billion. We need to intelligently and voluntarily work to get our numbers down to at least half of that. It is a very personal issue, but please consider adopting children instead of creating new children. There are currently over 100 million orphan children living in the world today. Consider adopting! Save a life, save the planet. - If having biological children, please consider smaller family sizes. - Donate money and/or volunteer at organizations that support women's rights and literacy. On average, women's illiteracy rates are inversely related to the number of children they have. I.e. the number of children a woman has decreases as she becomes literate and more educated. Here are some ideas: Room to Read, World Literacy Foundation, Malala Fund, UNICEF, CAMFED, Invest in Girls, Educate Girls, AGE Africa, She’s the First, Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE). 5. VOTE and become politically informed! Make sure to stay politically informed and pressure your local, state and national representatives to support issues and legislation that save and protect the environment and species. VOTE during all elections! 6. Use only RENEWABLE energy and use LESS of it. - Buy carbon offsets from a reliable company for your yearly energy usage. - STOP FLYING unless absolutely necessary (and buy carbon offsets if you do). Walk, bike, ride a velomobile, use public transportation instead of gas-powered cars. - See if your energy company has an option for you to buy green energy or support green energy initiatives. Install your own renewable energy sources, like solar panels. - Be conscious throughout your day and use as little energy as possible. Ex. instead of turning on the heat, just wear a few more layers and close the windows. We can save the planet if everyone just does their part. Everyone please act NOW! Check out these presentations for more info on human impacts on the environment and what you can do to help! Save the Planet: Animal Agriculture:

    OneWorld22OneWorld22Mánuði síðan
  • What about the "prophets" who said we would be in an ice age by now....

    Ryan AshbaughRyan AshbaughMánuði síðan
  • Wait a minute. You go on and on about birth control, the earth's resources consumed by more and more humans. There's the implication that those who should not have so many kids are the dark-skinned, poor people of those heavily populated countries. Not a word is said around the fact that a single wealthy or even middle-class westerner will consume a thousand times more than a hundred East Indians or Mexicans, the ones who make all those babies. But it is you meat-eating gentlemen and your ilk who house, clothe, feed and mobilize yourselves to a degree beyond accounting. You assuage yourselves by creating institutions. Everyone should change but yourselves. Your hypocrisy is showing.

    Constance WalshConstance WalshMánuði síðan
    • Yeah how was "davos blaming the the 3rd world" your main takeaway from this? At ~ 22:00 he talks specifically about 'developed' countries being unsustainable, giving *direct* reference to his own being amongst the worst At ~ 48:22 he mentions those who 'got it good' will try to hang onto their 'goodness' etc. & I'm 99% sure at some point he specifically mentions that affluent and wealthy people contribute most- Either way, I'm not about to re-watch this whole video over, especially considering I immediately found two cases which defy your argument... Tldr: *Sir* David Attenborough is a fooking saint and I'll not have his *great* name besmirched. :)

      stvysstvys6 klukkustundum síðan
    • He didn’t put the blame on the “dark-skinned, poor people” for the world’s overpopulation. At no point during this recording did Attenborough say that or imply that. But it is true that the poorer the group of people, the less likely they are to have access to family planning information and birth control methods. That is true for poor people of all skin colors and ethnicities, including poor white people. Also, poor girls and women have less opportunity to pursue education and careers and are more likely to have babies earlier and more of them than girls and women from more affluent areas. It’s not skin color that fuels overpopulation, it’s poverty.

      Kate HoldenKate HoldenMánuði síðan
  • every word is true and enough to creat conciousness and strees

  • Absolutely brilliant. Love the man and so funny ❤❤❤

    Elaiine JenningsElaiine Jennings3 mánuðum síðan
  • 10 years later breeding is a go ! brakes are off as they say!

    Jestronix HandersonJestronix Handerson3 mánuðum síðan
  • Sir David needs to understand that religious institutions encourage population growth. And in turn, they provide money to educational systems. You lot all know it. I know that a few people that were present at this lecture might read this comment. It is now 2020. This is NOT good enough. I personally am not going to let a bunch of guys who lived 2000 years ago who wanted a self governing empire affect my 7 year old boys future. All for the sake of power. And that is the cold, brutal truth of it. And it is also why so many people in this room look decidedly downcast in the face of this wonderful man. Shame on you.

    Ancient BuildsAncient Builds3 mánuðum síðan
    • (I am pretty sure David understands this, but cannot say it)

      Ancient BuildsAncient Builds3 mánuðum síðan
  • 52:10 Phillip predicts the future!

    T.A.KT.A.K3 mánuðum síðan
  • This man is a treasure. He just gave that speech without a teleprompter. And he never looked down at his notes and it was chock full of statistics, facts, metaphors, and examples. And he's 86 years old!

    grego15grego153 mánuðum síðan
  • I'm not from China, neither from Pakistan, nor from Adi's bank, or where does this come from from the planet more than that? can go or where to see with his own eyes We have seen ice melts very fast fast melts faster and faster melts ice in the North Pole and South Pole in Africa forests burn more than five years the oceans through poisons no one cares no parliamentarian from all over the world does not lift a finger their pockets must be full every time I tell you straight we will end up we will eat each other or we will eat nylon I tell you more than so much you have to understand this that the oceans only splinter your plastic and instead of saving the planet make it hard on the planet we do absolutely nothing for this planet more than that you had to understand that I am leaving More than 10 years this planet is not a to s survive you can't believe you're going all over the world and you'll see with your own eyes that the planet is already about to go, that is, the whole climate has changed it from bad to very bad

    Orce TataOrce Tata3 mánuðum síðan
  • many do not know what the planet means if we go to the North Pole the ice melts if we go to the South Pole the ice melts if we go to Africa we see how the forest burns if we go to the oceans we see how the water is poisoned we ask ourselves what we do with this planet and which side we are directing our crime more and more changed it all I shrug But no one does me anything absolutely no finger does not lift so as not to disturb that person Almost all parliamentarians around the planet corrupt you Nobody wants to talk of this corruption I have been on the whole Planet and I have seen many things that hurt my heart very much

    Orce TataOrce Tata3 mánuðum síðan
  • David's tendency to move around whenever he talks always makes me laugh

    Pokoirl YaSePokoirl YaSe3 mánuðum síðan
  • 42:00 - spat my tea out

    Lukas FolsLukas Fols4 mánuðum síðan
  • Prince Phillip has an amazing sense of humour. He should have done stand up comedy. Legend!

    Lukas FolsLukas Fols4 mánuðum síðan
  • The planet needs a cleanse , one way or the other it is inevitable, it will happen , mankind’s life on this planet will be short lived compared to the life of the planet itself .

    Kerry EwenKerry Ewen11 mánuðum síðan
    • there is only one remedy:

      SLSL4 mánuðum síðan
  • The planet is fine. When humans are extinct and Attenborough and all the humans are dust, the planet will carry on just fine. It's the humans who are the problem trying to SAVE the planet, by controlling all the humans. We need rule of law and then leave us alone.

    jackgoldman1jackgoldman1Ári síðan
  • There is only one remedy, as Sir David Att. describes it ...

    SLSLÁri síðan
  • What an absolutely pleasant experience to witness the Prince and the Knight joined-at-the-hip, as it were, on such a crucial issue! How well they compliment each other: Sir David's pragmatism and Prince Philip's wit and wisdom. These men could change how we think, if only we would let them.

    Fatty Fat-FatFatty Fat-FatÁri síðan
  • Who will take up and continue his work when he retires...

    Dhiraj BeechooDhiraj BeechooÁri síðan
  • The elephant in the room that DA and so many others are baffled by, which is THE root cause of over-population, is simply unrestricted carnal lust for sexual pleasure, ie unintentional pregnancies. Whilst this is an unmitigated instinctual biological urge in other animals, all humans KNOW they can CHOOSE to reproduce or not. All birth control methods are not an intelligent conscious choice against the CAUSE of unnecessary reproduction but merely a way of abrogating resonsibility for the undesired outcome of unrestricted sexual pleasure seeking -- exactly as how resource depletion and planetary degradation are the undesired outcomes of unlimited standard-of-living pleasure seeking. From a population standpoint, birth control is like drug "harm minimisation" but does nothing to address the cause of the instinctive, animalistic sexual behaviour in humans. This requires across the board consciousness raising.

    The DolphinThe DolphinÁri síðan
  • I am perplexed that DA and others indirectly seem to be criticising China's One Child Policy as some alienation of a human right to indiscrimatly reproduce. Sure it had some social downsides. But what would be the world's polulation now without it? It was, ironically, the opposite force to Catholicism's non-condom doctrine. Maybe the Pope needs to dictate a One Child Policy for his flock (via abstention, if he prefers).

    The DolphinThe DolphinÁri síðan
  • Re the causes of species extinction, it is not solely due to habit theft and planetary overpopulation and climate change. Poachers and traders also journey deep into unthreatened habitat purely for profit. This is a political and policing shortcoming.

    The DolphinThe DolphinÁri síðan
  • Now THAT'S what you call two very sensible short introductions to people "who need no introduction" ... instead of the usual convoluted, fawning, rambling blather by people who just like to stand and hear themselves talk.

    The DolphinThe DolphinÁri síðan
  • 110%

    Thomas LindbergThomas LindbergÁri síðan
  • A shade ironic he speaks on the willful ignorance of the population problem while displaying a willful ignorance on the animal agriculture problem:)

    Darrin KoszarskiDarrin KoszarskiÁri síðan
  • It will be a monumental sad day when Sir David leaves this planet, and who will be the one to put his shoes on? Who will lead us in conservation and understanding of how to conduct ourselves to preserve the planet? I can't think of anyone

    eccentricoldcoweccentricoldcowÁri síðan
  • I can imagine a greater body or soul than us, looking on and thinking, 'Look how clever they think they are finding they can travel around the body of their little solar system, while destroying their home like a fungus finds it's way around the body of it's little solar system while destroying it's home only to find itself re-incarnated as the soil, the earth of that home, to become several hundred things more of life in that home.'

    C.R. HallC.R. HallÁri síðan
  • I can't get my head around how solar power, and I know some house owners have solar panels fitted, which pays for their personal consumption plus, how investing in green energy cars, charged by solar power technology, and so on with green technology, how are these improvements on green living not an investment?! Community gardens, growing the seeds they can save, and trees that actually support wildlife, community, and improve air quality, whereby poorer people could benefit also, which must then encourage many more smaller less intensive farming as a ecological movement; how are these interests not an investment? And, how is this not creating more work and employment for the next generations?! Where no sale of greenbelt land to property developers means just that, no, to all councils included. Raised my eyebrows always to see ANY person co-creating three plus children. Are the government and energy companies going to support and encourage these investments? Probably not, because all they can see is short term gains as a means to keep the power they have over the general public, for their own short term gain, and so they are seen promoting resistance to change especially to business and working people. I can't understand why some people can't get their heads around that, when it seems so simple to so many others especially the majority of young people and older children who are our future and the future custodians and inheritors of the planet. Most young people see themselves now as part of the globe (i.e. personally connecting with people all around the world through the internet), not separate, despite borders, wars, and patriotism. WE NEED TO CHANGE AND CHANGE THE WAY THINGS HAVE BEEN FOR TOO LONG ALREADY. Thank you RSA, President of the RSA His Royal Heiness the Duke of Edinburgh, and Sir David Attenborough, for bringing this important discussion to all.

    C.R. HallC.R. HallÁri síðan
  • Thank you for a most profound discussion on a subject that seriously needs more exposure. Wonderful to hear Prince Philip so aware and involved and to have someone present this topic with the dignity and urgency that only Sir David can. He is going to have to hang in here until at least 150 to make sure we get into gear!} 🙏🏽🌈🌻🐋🌊

    Elle TuppenElle TuppenÁri síðan
  • Is he suggesting massive human suicide????

    robbedontuesdayrobbedontuesdayÁri síðan
    • @Feiner Fug because it is somehow implied.

      robbedontuesdayrobbedontuesdayÁri síðan
  • By 2100 we will be 11.5 billion people in the teeth of global warming. The complete an lasting tragedy of the Green movement is to try to deal with consumption but not population because it is too awkward to discuss.

    richard smithrichard smithÁri síðan
  • Why on earth won't the Green Party see this!

    richard smithrichard smithÁri síðan
  • I presume prince Phillip has money, and his family. How much have they invested in this issues?

    D VD VÁri síðan
  • Abolish capitalist regime and its toxic influence on people and Nature and we shall be all better. Especially planet Earth!

    D VD VÁri síðan
  • It's amazing that Prince Philip is also knowledgeable about world issues and people level concerns. A colonial power turned humanist advocate. Bravo! From Hk.

    Edward LeeEdward LeeÁri síðan

    David James KnightDavid James KnightÁri síðan
  • Technology failed with Sir David hearing the questions so they can be answered to point & fully.

    Pluto20911Pluto209112 árum síðan
  • he's the boss. look at the frequency he's on..

    Al BryerAl Bryer2 árum síðan
  • 22:40 - An ecological Ponzi scheme - too funny not to mention fairly spot on. It will all be Soylent Green-ish soon enough.

    Orwellian Horseman of the ApocalypseOrwellian Horseman of the Apocalypse2 árum síðan
  • David Attenborough is absolutely awesome (here and in general). What surprised and impressed me was the lucidity and awareness (and great sense of humour) of the Duke of Edinburgh.

    conilletconillet2 árum síðan
  • Posh bloke telling a load of other posh people that there are too many poor people who're causing too much devastation- the bloody cheek and audacity of these people.

    Adrian ChealeAdrian Cheale2 árum síðan
  • The speech was done in 2011, the Philippines knew and recognizes its population problem for quite a time already, reproductive health bills were being filled as early as 1967 but it was only in 2012 that a bill was passed into law and with so much criticism from the Catholic church and various religious groups, it just so happen that the current president then was a staunch supporter of the bill that he actually worked on its passing. Up until now the Catholic and it's cohorts is fighting its implementation despite that majority of Filipinos are in favor of family planning.

    anakniparaanaknipara2 árum síðan
  • Population growth is the main issue and the royals keep knocking kids out left right and centre

    Realist 1801Realist 18012 árum síðan
  • How many children in the Royal family?

    Steve HSteve H2 árum síðan
  • Great speech! Always the best on environment!

    N RN R2 árum síðan
  • Welcome aboard our Lord Mountbatten and our 'lovable' Sir Attenborough, yes, yes, welcome aboard even though you are about 50 years too late; I expected a few more 'Aye's' from two British blokes, would have made program more riveting. Our dear Sir Attenborough just noticed our plastic polluted oceans about 5 years ago after a 50 year career traveling the world; I noticed it in the mid 60's?? Strange how could a person doing documentaries around this planet did not noticed the obvious? He is now preaching a 'voluntary' population reduction process asking people to come to reason, again a very near sighted and naïve understanding of the problem. Within the human population are ravenous barbarians who care little about reason, little about wildlife and even less about the environment. These psychopaths will continue to destroy the planet regardless of what more sensible people do to preserve it; these people include all the billionaires today, all economists, all religious lunatics like the catholic church and all the peasants. This group of 'we could care less' human morons will continue to destroy the planet through greed and indifference. Regarding the question 'how do we control nations outside of our borders' - well I've got a solution for you - STOP SENDING AID TO THOSE COUNTRIES. Continuing to underpin unsustainable governments only encourages them to remain more unsustainable, aid has to stop to these countries who refuse to recognize the perilous situation world is in currently. It is quite depressing to see how late people of this social status here finally recognize the problem, regardless what is done we have a built in 'commitment' to climate change that will go on long after everything is stopped and result in disastrous results. To solve this predicament (and I doubt seriously it will be properly solved) will require a complete, total new view of life on earth by all humans AND THAT IS NOT ABOUT TO HAPPEN ANYTIME SOON. The UN, IMF, WORLD BANK and U.S. are the most destructive organizations on planet today with their continued underpinning of unsustainable societies, they are 'pro growth' both economic and population so they just compound the problem; they are the problem, not the solution.

    richardnailrichardnail2 árum síðan
  • I salute His Royal highness & naturalist Sir David

    bikas basnetbikas basnet2 árum síðan
    • But 30 are against sir naturalist perhaps they may in the line of extremist Islam

      bikas basnetbikas basnet2 árum síðan
  • @52:10 or so, the thing is, every working old person is occupying a job that a young person could have. All that's accomplishing is having more unemployed young people :)

    Brekner CatalinBrekner Catalin2 árum síðan
  • Isn't it sad that so many people don't believe overpopulation is a problem or global problem is partially a man-made problem? And nothing can change their minds....not even sir David Attenborough...

    Brekner CatalinBrekner Catalin2 árum síðan
  • I could be wrong but I think that the duke of Edinbrugh in his closing remarks meant that another world war or large scale conflict a seemingly obvious solution to overpopulation would be wrong. I am not certain i quite share that view. Overpopulation is rarely discussed probably because people instinctively know that eventually there will be another major conflict if human history repeats itself which it has without fail. That is very pessimistic to hope for one earth issue to be solved by a catastrophy but there is merit to the idea. For a world war to have devastating effects on population reduction 1. It should involve the country with the most numerous population, we all know who that is : China 2. the enemy should have equal destructive force so that the conflict lasts and claims the greatest number of lives. 3. Weapons used should not be overly destructive as to destroy all type of lives. But no matter what, in the meantime talking about overpopulation is good. A conscience of the problem has to be spread. China really is the problem.

    goognam goognwsgoognam goognws2 árum síðan
  • with every advancement in technology must come additional wisdom and understanding, or the effects will be detrimental at some point

    Sal ScopinichSal Scopinich2 árum síðan
  • Our advancement with technology has been a blessing and curse! I agree that the race to stay one or two steps ahead of the population explosion via technology will at some point be lost. Then hell will rule. BTW.. I was raised a Catholic, but am an independent objective thinker. Be "fruitful and multiple" may need a little editing. But I dare to say it seems we are the only species that engages in sex solely for pleasure. Why?

    Sal ScopinichSal Scopinich2 árum síðan
  • While I have always respected David Attenborough he seems to put the blame of the extinction of wildlife on the human population. While it is true to a point he seems to avoid the fact that the biggest polluters and threats to the environment are big business and corporations who are allowed to pollute the environment. It's alright to pollute if your a big business or corporation and putting wealth into the economy, that's fine. Normal citizens don't have the same rights to do so, why is big buiness and corporation not have the same concern? The average citizen tends to be more concerned about the environment then people making money out of taking land for exploitation and wealth

    Grace McmullianGrace Mcmullian2 árum síðan
    • Welcome to capitalism; nice, ain’t it? Maximize profits & finally I’m a fifty’s something excessive aged for all this mumbo jumbo . . Adios

      B MarshB Marsh6 mánuðum síðan
  • Amazing talk by Attenborough, and he challenges the biggest problem on this planet human overpopulation. But a simple answer, it needs restriction and it needs it now!

    EdEd3 árum síðan
  • Yes, I agree. Now we have to tell the YOUNG people all this too!!!

    wanderkünstlerwanderkünstler3 árum síðan

    Solveig SokcanicSolveig Sokcanic3 árum síðan
  • Q & A starts at 36:49

    worldwindowworldwindow3 árum síðan

    Yaohushua ImmanuelYaohushua Immanuel3 árum síðan
  • wow what a talk without notes .... auto q ? I think not , a natural speaker with passion for his subject , fantastic Sir David !

    Martina MonzelMartina Monzel3 árum síðan
    • 2 auto que's on the glass HUD's right in front of him.

      Paul SigsworthPaul Sigsworth3 árum síðan
  • Hello RSA, I'd like to translate this speech to Turkish for free. I think Turkish people should listen and learn from David Attenborough. Please contact me with subtitle file, thanks.

    Can ARBAZCan ARBAZ3 árum síðan
    • Does not seem like the many Kurds and few Armenians of Van , Diyarbakir , Sanhurfa , Agri , Mus and Batman listened to your translation of this idiot's rambling did they ? lol

      John JonesJohn JonesÁri síðan
  • Resource Based Economy, for a better future.

    semih oguzcansemih oguzcan4 árum síðan
    • Yess, but first and foremost a global birthstop and a global birthregulation is needed and that is not the only remedy but also the most human solution ...

      SLSLÁri síðan
  • all great till Prince fuckhead speaks ...

    Enda MccormackEnda Mccormack4 árum síðan
    • I've watched the video many times over, but still can't see the prince which you referred to

      franzyyyyfranzyyyy4 árum síðan

    truthscollectortruthscollector4 árum síðan
    • Reducing the carbon footprint means us don't be fooled with these fuckers you have footprints you are carbon 30% 70 water oh dear

      Karl McglueKarl McglueÁri síðan
    • ELL OH ELL.

      Neehad IslamNeehad Islam3 árum síðan
    • Your position is exactly right for GMO industry....a ...coincidence ...? On the other side it´s simply wrong , if you dig on reliable information. I wish life as a whole bring your truly awareness into the human path, taking you away from the money path. Thanks.

      truthscollectortruthscollector4 árum síðan
    • As the furtue progresses and the effects of Climate Change advance (i.e. more desertification) we as humans are going to be increasingly dependent on GM Foods and I for one and really not worried by that at all.

      Paul WilkinsonPaul Wilkinson4 árum síðan
    • truthscollector how so ?

      Zack,Zack,4 árum síðan
  • Well done, David for having the courage to identify the Catholic Church as a major factor in over-population.

    mikelheron20mikelheron204 árum síðan
    • It was ethnic cleansing - unfortunately, same is happening in Palestine now.

      Steve HSteve H2 árum síðan
    • Catholic Church is a pioneer in many things! When does the Church encourage over birth? They are against abortion for other reasons. Over populations exist mainly in Muslim, Hindu and Buddhism in general! You got to point your fingers at the problem not an excuse to the problem.

      N RN R2 árum síðan
    • Ridiculous ,muslims out born catho 6 to 1

      francois robillardfrancois robillard2 árum síðan
    • You are attributing too much credit to the power of religion. It certainly is not a 'major factor' in this most dooming issue but saying so certainly reflects on your opinion of religion which interests nobody genuine on the present topic.

      goognam goognwsgoognam goognws2 árum síðan
  • Undoubtedly the single most important speech ever given

    SDFFSDFF4 árum síðan
  • Well said Mr. Attenborough, how i m jealous of your wonderful voice, not to forget your enunciation

    Dr. CarrDr. Carr4 árum síðan
  • i really love David Attenborough i´ve seen him in many many documentaries and panels. But when he´s asked about the problems in the world or what worries him most etc. he always gives the same answer: overpopulation. I admire his tenacity and commitment on that topic but it´s by far not the worst problem we face. The biggest problem in the world is the unequal destribution of wealth. If we can solve this almost all others are solved including overpopulation. Which is a bad term in itself the earth can by many estimates support many more people at the moment than we currently have if only our resources would be distributed more equally.

    Symmetrie BruchSymmetrie Bruch5 árum síðan
    • Attenborough has, on many occasions, stated that the best way to bring the birth rate down is to improve socioeconomic circumstances. Which still gives the population issue preeminence.

      Mike MeinersMike Meiners2 árum síðan
    • Symmetrie , i'd agree with you on one thing, overpopulation is not be biggest problem, people like you who say that it isn't are the biggest problem. Truly your are the solution number 2 that he talked about who want to do nothing about it and bring us into wars for ressources water, food, energy resulting in, famine, diseases and war. It's most noticeable that people like you talk about earth sustaining more people when that is a flawed concept. People are not separate from the ecosystem around us including plants and animals, science will never make our lives independent from the ecosystem that puts healthy nutritious and healthy food on our tables. You are completely wrong in thinking in terms of people that earth can sustain if it's at any cost to wildlife diversity and well being then it's not a solution. Furthermore even with equally distributed wealth the problem of overpopulation remains to be solved.

      goognam goognwsgoognam goognws2 árum síðan
    • you say... "he always gives the same answer: overpopulation". But if his answer is valid why would he change it?

      Sal ScopinichSal Scopinich2 árum síðan
    • Go to India and you will see that over population is the biggest threat to wildlife. There they are mostly all poor son they are équal . No more rainforest no more wildlife. Go to Madagascar. ....No more trees. I live in Amazonia and we are burning up the rainforest for agro business, cattle, huge dams in Brasil for energie demand most of the beef and vegetables to feed North Africa Asia population. yes we are too many. Inequality is relevant to it and to the human nature.

      red ibisred ibis3 árum síðan
    • Great point!!

      Paul WilkinsonPaul Wilkinson4 árum síðan
  • Sir David, expert advises from people like you - is not penetrating as much as it should - uniformly across the global communities. Yet you have the right conviction. Thank you for sharing!

  • Excellent from both Sir David and the Duke. However, four years on, I see no evidence of political/societal will to make this a mainstream topic of mature consideration. Indeed, The Duke's grandson, when asked if he and Kate would have more children after their second born, could only respond fatalistically 'You never know'

    Aaron Marchant - Poetry and VerseAaron Marchant - Poetry and Verse5 árum síðan
  • Sir David Attenborough, a great man!

    Korir SammyKorir Sammy5 árum síðan
  • To add an example on the subject of social/cultural influence on procreation which Prince Philips mentioned. Some Chinese still prize having son over daughter. The mindset is so ingrained, so much so, some parents will keep trying to have babies after babies until they manage to get a son. I personally heard of a case where the poor mom had mental breakdown after failing to bear a son. The couple have many daughters, mind you.

    Way Chuang AngWay Chuang Ang5 árum síðan
  • why didn`t he say religion is for morons. he is to nice of a guy.

    Thomas LuczakThomas Luczak5 árum síðan
    • Why is atheism bad> I think you mis-understand the term. An Atheist simply doesn't believe in any thing super-natural and therefore lack a beliefe in god(s) through lack of evidence to support such an idea.

      Paul WilkinsonPaul Wilkinson4 árum síðan
    • He is an agnostic atheist.

      Mecha PikaMecha Pika4 árum síðan
    • @Thomas Luczak True. What I meant to say was that there are videos in which he denounces the idea that a god created everything, but that he leaves it up to people themselves to decide if and what purpose reality has. I don't think traditional 'gods' like the christian or muslim ones are particularly good candidates, but 'atheism', as in denouncing every possibility of anything beyond our understanding, is arrogant at least. I am glad he doesn't share that notion.

      LuukvdHoogenLuukvdHoogen5 árum síðan
    • i meant that what he was really saying was religion is silly and he also does not once mention a "higher power". he is an atheist.

      Thomas LuczakThomas Luczak5 árum síðan
    • +Thomas Luczak This is not his view. He's no practising Christian, but he can give an inspiring answer when asked about higher powers.

      LuukvdHoogenLuukvdHoogen5 árum síðan
  • What a Man, Sir David! Make me proud of being of the same species of yours...

    Sergio M. C. BrandãoSergio M. C. Brandão5 árum síðan
    • I don't ever want to meet such an arrogant an ignorant celebrity as him. See my comment above as to why.

      Adrian ChealeAdrian Cheale2 árum síðan
    • which he wants to control. why not be a flagship for his policies? where does that lead i wonder? you do the maths

      hey! dude!hey! dude!2 árum síðan
  • I would love to give sir David an IQ test. I bet he would score like 180 or something

    • +BARBARA KYLE i am sure if he had an IQ of 180 he wouldn't have become the person he is today - merely a man who reads the script.

      Helen RowleyHelen Rowley4 árum síðan
  • 3/22/2015

    aaron campbellaaron campbell5 árum síðan
  • @soefi you are totally right humans are the biggest threat to the earth and animals a comming cataclysm wilk happen to them

    aaron campbellaaron campbell5 árum síðan
  • His royal throne

    aaron campbellaaron campbell5 árum síðan
  • Theres nothing wrong with the comment @soefi its absoultley true humans are a danger to the planet and animal and biodiversity something cataclysm could happen to them if something dosent give

    aaron campbellaaron campbell5 árum síðan
  • Brilliant stuff spread to communities in good manner. ......

    Burhans AmanozBurhans Amanoz5 árum síðan
  • I want to do something about this, create a campaign, and post it on social media and in the outside environment. It would be good to know the figures, where is it worst? Teenage pregnancies, rapes etc? Divorce is so common too and if you have kids, it's bad for their mental health if they're under 7 years old when the parents split. So there's quality of life for kids to think about too.

    Mind FuelMind Fuel5 árum síðan
    • Join "Population Matters"

      richard smithrichard smithÁri síðan
    • @Mind Fuel w w w. this may help ...

      SLSL5 árum síðan
  • Ok sorry that was a bit of a stupid comment... Its just so exasperating when the answer to the world problems is so clear and yet nothing is being done about overpopulation fast enough to save us.

    BluestariverBluestariver6 árum síðan
    • The majority doesn't acknowledge it as a problem. Wait until it's too late and then they will take notice.

      Brekner CatalinBrekner Catalin2 árum síðan
    • it seems that governments need bodies to sustain the welfare of others, in order to avoid an economic collapse. Once a standard of living is raised it needs to be sustained ... a cut may lead to war. Damned if you do... damned if you don't.

      Sal ScopinichSal Scopinich2 árum síðan
    • I didn't say simple, I said clear. I meant the cause of most of our current major problems is being caused by a huge human population, and that it is clear and obvious that it needs to be greatly reduced. Which would of course be no simple task in itself.

      BluestariverBluestariver5 árum síðan
    • What is this supposedly simple answer?

      Julemac GrumbleJulemac Grumble5 árum síðan
  • It serves us all right if we end up suffering for our selfish ignorant uncontrolled spawning. The most awful thing is that the animals and the earth will suffer most when its our entire fault.

    BluestariverBluestariver6 árum síðan
    • My thinking exactly. We're supposed to be the most intelligent species on this planet, but we can't even agree that overpopulation or global warming are actual real issues? Forgive me for not having any faith in our future...

      Brekner CatalinBrekner Catalin2 árum síðan
  • Hey guys I'm new to ISpast I live in Willis way and I'm just trying to make some new m8s please add me and message me if you wanna be m8s I also like horses and girls feet

    Alex JeffreyAlex Jeffrey6 árum síðan
  • The living legend. Respect ! Respect! Respect

    • @Karl Mcglue Yeah but look what's happened cos of that statement

      eccentricoldcoweccentricoldcowÁri síðan
    • Go forth and multiply

      Karl McglueKarl McglueÁri síðan

      eccentricoldcoweccentricoldcowÁri síðan
    • @McLEOD-MM19 And what do you find in Sir David's background that you don't like? If you think he is deluded I dread to think what you may think of Trump! David speaks sense and I admire him greatly despite whatever you drag up about him

      eccentricoldcoweccentricoldcowÁri síðan
  • genetic modification destroys humanity, all of it!... we don't need GMOs, we need to get educated and have an easier chance in the supermarket for better and healthier (and cheaper! for all of those that need also that) option, so we can have a more sustainable and healthy diet. anybody supporting GMOs is an ignorant or a murderer

    alexbuleriasalexbulerias6 árum síðan
    • the availability of cheap food has contributed to the population explosion!

      Sal ScopinichSal Scopinich2 árum síðan
  • (Obvious answer to any question is invariably wrong )

    Santos cSantos c6 árum síðan
  • @caduzeus1122 Tell that to China and India.

    mazimadumazimadu6 árum síðan
  • There are some comments below saying population growth isn't a problem. I assume they don't live in areas of the world where the don't have enough food or water and have never seen people starving.

    spaveevospaveevo6 árum síðan
    • Unfortunately pop'n growth is a problem. Human pop'n growth follows a similar pattern to bacteria growing in a bottle. A single bacterium is placed in the empty bottle at 11 AM, then one minute later becomes 2. Next minute the 2 become 4, then 8, 16, 32 & so on, until at 12 noon the bottle is full. The time the bottle is half full is one minute before 12, & for us that time is here.

      Collins CrapoCollins CrapoÁri síðan
    • @Steve H , look at the funding those overpopulated uneducated countries get from the world , So no it isn't good for the Economy , only good for some that take advantage of the situation . ie ... Real estates and housing etc....And when you put the natural world last i think you made a mistake its the first to be effected . here in Australia we have taken on over 1 million migrants in the past 5 years - and now our forests are being logged our farm land turned into housing estates ,95% of Koala habitat is being cleared for all those people , Australians fought hard to stop that logging years ago , now we have no say . the infrastructure is beginning to fail - Hospitals are overcrowded etc....

      Thjeok ThjeokThjeok Thjeok2 árum síðan
    • spaveevo , thats the strange part the ones that have overpopulated come from the countries that have all that , food shortages water shortages etc... and they defend their right to breed as many as they like !

      Thjeok ThjeokThjeok Thjeok2 árum síðan
    • spaveevo I wanna see Dee apocalypse yo

      Don AlejoDon Alejo2 árum síðan
    • Unfortunately - lack of education is a result of overpopulation. The masses are workers, more workers = more money for the riches. Increased population is good for capitalist economy, not good for schools, hospitals, road networks, resources and finally the natural world.

      Steve HSteve H2 árum síðan
  • The Duke is funny as hell. Sir Attenborough made it obvious that he had little problem listening.

    Vivi SVivi S6 árum síðan
  • So... this is the issue once again? It's all nonesense and those old loonies have no idea what they are talking about. For couple hundred years the "intellectuals" have been going on about supposed overpopulation of the planet. The very same discussions have been held when there were 1 billion people, 2 billion, 3 billion and so on. Now we are at 7 and still this is an "urgent matter". Are they always high? What they fail to take into account time and again in their dusty heads, is the human ingenuity and capability to come up with creative solutions to destructive problems. To them, old as they are, we are always living the end-times and the next generation will always be doomed to live worse life than they. Here is some news grandpa: we are not overpopulating the planet until we pass at least 200 billion people. We could, even on current technology, easily grow food for an entire family on a tiny fraction of an acre. It's called a green-house, and you can pile those bastards like floors on a skyscraper. It will be easy and not too costly, when we actually start to need them. If/when current fuels start to run out, we can use geothermal heatpumps to warm them quite cheaply and solar power to light them. All you need to add is water and presto: food is created on a massive eco-industrial scale. Don't get me wrong, I love the documentaries Attenborough narrates. If we just gave up on the silly idea that so called "public land" is a good concept to preserve anything (because officials tend to always become corrupted), we could build private wildlife preserves that truly respect nature and its beauty. With the word "public" in front of anything, you can be absolutely sure that someone is going to take charge of it for his own benefit and screw everything up for the rest of us.

    CaduzeusCaduzeus7 árum síðan
    • The truth is self-evident and painful for many. Observation and objectivity is all one needs to agree.

      Sal ScopinichSal Scopinich2 árum síðan
    • +Robert Beardmore If the liar mad-scientists would spend just half of the effort that the expend on whining about their phony "overpopulation" upon better population accommodation and proper development, I wonder what wonders would be invented to better feed more and more people? I mean in the video game Project Eden, their "real meat" was growing in a tank. Thanks mad-scientists, I guess?

      Yosef MacGruberYosef MacGruber4 árum síðan
    • Sorry, but I just don't know that I can stand having to listen to this entire video. Every time I hear "Sir" David Attenborough speak, he spews lie after lie after lie. I thought we did away with the "Divine Right of Kings" centuries ago. While the concept may have had some merit, those in power have so abused their authority, that they had to be stripped of it. And yet, all this pretense of fancy self-appointed titles at the beginning of this video, as if those evil NWO elitists are somehow better than us? Well-dressed evil elitists, who look very well-fed to me? What possible credibility to they have to talk about how many children that far-away people should have, of whom they don't even bother to meet or to learn their names, and yet they should play God and decide for everybody, while those who disagree are conveniently not invited to their intellectual propaganda-spewing orgies of educated idiocy? If these pompous intellectuals are supposedly so smart, why don't they look into and admit that the reasons people give to have more children, are very much valid, and that huge numbers of people have practical, philosophical, cultural, and religious objections to all methods of birth control? I know that I do. If we really respect nature, then why wouldn't we respect the aptly-named *_natural increase_* of people? I like the term in some ways, as it has a bit of an ominous and curious ring to it, that the increase is "natural" and hence perhaps or probably uncontrollable, inevitable, but also natural and to be expected. We should much more respect the *_natural_* reproductive rhythms of our bodies, and stop fighting its attempts to get pregnant. As a pro-lifer, I am for population *ACCOMMODATION* only, and I oppose any attempts to "control" our population growth, and I find birth control to be a disgusting sexual perversion away from God's procreative purpose for sex. There is a proper way to deal with the natural increase of humanity, and that is to explore and advocate for a *human-denser* world, and to accept that we humans are just going to have to live in and occupy more places. There can come to be more places with lots of people and fewer places from from people, as there is just getting to be so incredibly many of us, but I believe that we should not try to control or to restrain our natural increase. Every baby is beautiful, and babies should not be blamed for problems caused by corrupt politicians and rampant government corruption. People should be encouraged to marry younger and to let baby after baby after baby push out freely, without any efforts to control our fertility. Human life is amazing and beautiful. Every human life is of immense value and sacred, thus we should grow and spread naturally, without restraint. There are better population theories, that try to see the good in people, but due to the racist and eugenics biases of the evil population control freaks, those are too seldom even considered.

      Yosef MacGruberYosef MacGruber4 árum síðan
    • You do realize that glass is made from silica, which is a component of quartz, which is the second most abundant mineral on planet Earth? All you need is energy and sand and you will get glass. Besides, I used "greenhouse" as a term to mean an indoor-place to farm food. One can just as well light it all electrically, so the plants do not even have to see actual sunlight to grow. Natural? Heck no. Most nutritiously rich food there is? Most likely not. Capable of sustaining billions upon billions of people? You bet. My assumption that we will reach that 200 billion depends obviously on our capabilities to harness more energy, be it nuclear, solar, geothermal or whatever. I still have faith in our engineers that in the future more energy will become available for all production, including food.

      CaduzeusCaduzeus5 árum síðan
    • Where will we find all the glass to make all these greenhouses for all these families of all these 200 billion people?

      Robert BeardmoreRobert Beardmore5 árum síðan
  • I dont know if its that important to ask so i wont go deeper in to seeking Sir David out but i would like to see if i get any reactions or answers here.. One thing i wonder about is that the solutions to these problems almost always result in educating the poor so they will have less children. But in my mind it cant possibly be just becuse of an education a family in a poor african country stops having too many children. It has to do with the fact that with an education they can support themselfs without the need of a lot of labour, im i right? In the talk Sir David mentioned the term and calculations of "global footprint" and to me that term is very useful. And with the "global footprint" in mind, isnt it so that when countries have developed with the help of education for example, into more industrialized and so on, their golbal footprint have gone up? So to me it sounds to simple to just make Africa and Asia cut down there population growth by becoming more like us in the west. Its we in the west who are the real problem, isnt it? Even though we are fewer people... My only option is to make us in the west more aware of our suroundings and nature and plan our lifes accordingly insted of the other wat around. Just some stoner thoughts: I dont know to much about Africa but to me there land and nature seems far to hostile for them to support that many people, but i hope im wrong. I hope that the west and Asia have taken advanteged of them and there land too much, so that that is the reasons for the misery in Africa, becouse then there at least is a chance for them to recover, if the outside world just help them to stand on there own, and then leave. Damn what the western worlds country drawings over Africa has fucked a lot of stuff up... And if anything i think that education about for example permaculture and effective farming and maybe some forms of contraceptives is the way to go. I dont think education in order of turning them into industrialized countries is a way forward. Any thoughts? (sorry for my english)

    Andreas PerssonAndreas Persson7 árum síðan
    • @Andreas Persson The whole world is the problem not just the west. Education, voluntary family planning, rethinking economics and fighting corruption will be some of the key things, that need to be accomplished to reduce populations in third world countries. Now that the current technology is here of course most people want to have those luxury items. Obviously that won't be possible since we'd need the resources of three planets with the amount of people we have now. So in my opinion the only way out of this is to work towards reducing our ecological footprint via new technologies and simultaneously reduce the size of our population. Both is needed since it's not sure at all, that advances in technologies will be sufficient to solve the problem. If we want the whole world to be fairly equal and healthy, then we need to have less people then there are now. It's really obvious, that we wouldn't have global warming and other enviromental crisis, if we were less people. CO2 wouldn't even be a problem, if we were only one billion people on this planet. The whole word could live the way western countries live in terms of health and wealth. Why is it that we somehow value quantity more than quality? Why chose a world of seven billion people with one billion living in inhumane conditions, instead of a world with one billion people with more wealth, freedom and less suffering. It's obvious, that this would be a goal worth having. People seem to be opposed to it for the same reason, that global warming is denied. A considerable amount of people are not well aware of confirmation bias. They somehow manage to go online and instead of reading looking at the data (science) , they simply end up reading things, that confirm the views they already had before(the views they feel comfortable with). They start their research with their ideologies in mind and end up only reading things, that agree with their ideologies. That's why the number one predicter of global warming deniers is their political view. I'm just speculating, but my guess is, that in case of population growth it's simply, that people aren't willing to not have children. They are even against mentioning the problem of overpopulation, because then they'd have to feel guilty about having children. They simply chose to deny the facts in order to have children without having to feel guilty about it. Now of course, they won't admit or even realise this, just like global warming deniers do not admitt or realise, that they are denying global warming, because of ideological reasons. There's a thing called cognitive dissonance. It pretty much explains, why people chose to hold such conflicting views. They see themselves as rational, so they'd never admitt, that they aren't being rational. Well, i just realised that it's not really what you were talking about. I guess, i just got carried away ;)

      stau ffapstau ffap6 árum síðan
  • Why do such video's have so few views!!!! while other brainless entertaining video's get so many...

    LaertesLaertes7 árum síðan
    • Well you have to pay attention to the video for over an hour. I, for one, can't do that during the weekdays, i'd rather entertain myself with something brainless.

      Brekner CatalinBrekner Catalin7 mánuðum síðan
    • @Doodelay So kindly put.

      eccentricoldcoweccentricoldcowÁri síðan
  • I have ONE daughter, and NO sons. I donate to charities such as Animals Asia. I donate fuck all to human charities.

    Peter LancasterPeter Lancaster7 árum síðan
  • wow how lucky are we to have this man as a concerned citizen trying to guide us all to a better world. We should really take notice of his ad vice.

    Jane LingJane Ling7 árum síðan
  • What Time is it? LOL

    TomasTomas7 árum síðan
  • ?? ah what's your point exactly??

    Micheal WaipouriMicheal Waipouri7 árum síðan
    • That you missed the point.

      ROBBIEROBBIEÁri síðan
  • Ge 1:22 And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth. Ge 1:28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

    Harold HartHarold Hart7 árum síðan
    • What happens when there is no more fish?

      richard smithrichard smithÁri síðan
  • One child per couple/person, then the snip, this should be a global law for 50 years.

    Dave JohnsonDave Johnson7 árum síðan
    • China tried that, it was a terrible failure. Education and women's rights are key, as these gentlemen state.

      Mike MeinersMike Meiners2 árum síðan