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8 Things to know before Camping in Namibia ►►
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Follow us on our road trip safari through southern Africa's desert country Namibia. We drove through most of Namibia, exploring all the famous highlights such as the Fishriver Canyon, Sossusvlei and Etosha Nationalpark. We were lucky enough to spot most of the big, and many small, animals which call Namibia home. These include elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinos, hippos, kudus, oryx, ostriches, warthogs, springboks, impalas and many more.
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How long did you travel?
We traveled for 7 weeks through both Namibia and Botswana.
When did you travel?
We started at the end of August and flew back at the beginning of October.
How far did you drive?
Around 13000km through both Namibia and Botswana.
How much did the trip cost?
Around 6000-8000 Euro for two people for seven weeks in Namibia and Botswana. Flights (1200 Euro), Car Rental (2500 Euro), Fuel (ca. 1500-2000 Euro), Accommodation (ca. 1200 Euro), Food (no idea, maybe 800-1000 Euro), Border Crossing Permits (ca. 200 Euro), Park Entry Fees (ca. 200 Euro).
How did you refuel/carry enough fuel?
Our vehicle had a long-range fuel tank, which allowed us to carry 140l. We refueled whenever we had the chance.
Can you share a map of your trip?
Check our website for information on that - we do not have the exact GPS coordinates.
Road Map Atlas Southern Africa
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Nifty Fifty
Sweet Microphone
GoPro Hero 8
Lee 0.3; 0.6 and 0.9 ND gradual filter
Manfrotto 755CX3, MH055M8-Q5
Rode Videomic Pro
Locations: Namibia, Southern Africa, Lake Oanob, Lake Hardap, Quivertree Forest, Giant's Playground, Fishriver Canyon, Gamchab Eco Trail, Orange River, Namib Desert, Aus, Lüderitz, Kolmanskop, Lüderitz Peninsula, Namib Naukluft Nationalpark, Sesriem Canyon, Sossusvlei, Dead Vlei, Big Mama Dune, Spreetshoogte Pass, Khomas Highland, Gamsberg Pass, Rooiklip Guest Farm, Kuiseb Pass, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Spitzkoppe, Cape Cross, Skeleton Coast Nationalpark, Dorub Nationalpark, Damaraland, Twyfelfontein, Etosha Nationalpark, Lake Ojikoto, Caprivi Strip, Bwabwata Nationalpark, Mahango Core Area, Okavango, Kwando River
Music: Epidemic Sound
Car Rental: Asco Car Hire
Map of our travels:
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    • We spent 3.5 weeks in Namibia in total. You can check the prices for the 4x4 on the website of Asco Car Hire (link in description). It is roughly 120 USD a day.

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