iPhone 12 Pro Durability Test - Is 'Ceramic Shield' Scratchproof?!

28 okt 2020
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Its time to durability test the new Apple iPhone 12 Pro. Grab your Anker Nano HERE: amzn.to/353xHsa (US Offer Code USNANO12) And grab your dbrand glass Screen Protector HERE: dbrand.com/iphone-12-glass New iPhones sometimes means new features. Today we find out how durable the new Apple iPhones really are. Apple has changed up the design again. Its still a rectangle. With a screen. But this time around its a blockier rectangle with a screen that might be tougher? We'll have to check to be sure.
iPhone 12 Pro Teardown video here: ispast.info/losk/v-deo/npKDeI7JnXrUnaw.html
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  • Hello thanks to the legit work of this great Amazon I got my new iOS 12pro Max delivered to me today successfully.

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    • Hello thanks to the legit work of this great Amazon I got my new iOS 12pro Max delivered to me today successfully.💯

      Faske MilliFaske Milli5 klukkustundum síðan
  • If your phone is 1 year old your resale should still be reasonable. I’m an android (pixel) diehard. I’m impressed with my new 12 pro, my first apple device ever. Apple is not to resistant to the google tools I’m use to using. The camera is phenomenal. If Google gets their camera hardware back in the game I may switch back.

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