I Opened A FAKE Starbucks

3 apr 2021
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I opened a fake starbucks, previously I opened a fake mcdonalds but now it's starbucks turn.
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  • yes bro i just subbed your vids are the best you have to do the NDL DRIVETHORG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • sneak into the jp fight

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  • Niko omilana chain for mayor of London ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

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  • #@starshmucks

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  • i dare you to sneak in the jake paul and ben arskren fight lol u wont prob do it

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  • Nice to see you brought Charlie sloth along to do security

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  • You can't spell London without NDL. Niko for Mayor!

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  • ksi call u neeeeeko

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  • Watching this during Ramadan is pain

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  • Ngl that cup man looks like aj

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  • Wow your really changing the world with this pointless bs.

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  • I prefer the real Starbucks not you schmuck.

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  • my entire family voted you as 2nd choice for the london election, good luck

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  • The only thing people want in London is Niko running it LOOOL

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  • The amount of milk wasted on 1 cup Make sure not to show cows this video

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  • Nathan for you vibes here

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  • Some people are so foolish they don't take the cup away when it's filled up that innocent guy overfill it every time 🌚.... lol

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  • Fun fact he can go to jail 😂

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  • Nathan Fielder did it better

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  • "it says call me" LMAOO

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  • Dont wasting the food my brother

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  • NDL

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  • ringside

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  • This drive throw is for people who complained about them order too much!

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  • Aye aye niko will be uploading going to the Jake Paul vs Ben askren because the event is in 2 days

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  • Didn’t know Charlie sloth did security

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  • Try yo do one when it accurately real starbucks

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  • You should do 24 hours on a bus

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  • Better version of mr beast

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  • i got my grandma to vote.Soon to be Mayor of London

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  • Neko

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  • Fly kick guy: so that's his hiding point.

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  • Yo neeko

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  • I loves the way niko said chaiwallah

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  • STARSHMUCKS yuno 😂😂. This guy is the goat for sure

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  • Someone's been watching Nathan For You

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  • Wowww you’re really the dude in the state of survival game 😂

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  • yo niko i love your vidsthey are soooooooooooooooooooo good keep it up have a happy day NDL GANG

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  • Let’s make the NDL movement by voting for Niko guysss!!!

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  • Just found out that Niko is standing for mayor of London 🤣😂😂😂

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  • Sugar Shaun's a top security guard

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  • Neeko LOL

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  • You should have first tried to work as their employee, like the old times

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  • I don’t see any point of doing this video.. not even funny. I’m so disappointed

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  • BIG UP CHAIWALA ✌🏽👀 they have made it! part of NDL GANG!! Much love Niko

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  • so much waste :(

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  • Neeko

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  • I just love this Elffew bahaha

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  • NDL

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  • Top 10 characters that can beat goku 1.StarSchmucks Security guard

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  • God loves you

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  • Starsmuks merch ?

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  • man it haram to waste the food and drinks like that it`s not funnny

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  • Niko you just open a shop NDL FOOD

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  • Niko r u gonna be ringside for yt vs tiktok WE NEED YOU the NDL are calling

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  • The people who did facial verification are big shmucks

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  • Wasting milk😑

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  • Poor lady she was so confused and worried lmao

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  • thats my area i saw u niko

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  • .

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  • u lot are deep 😂

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  • Challwalla is elite

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  • rip beta squad

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  • Anyone else see that hijab I girl on tiktok

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  • Omdss not the car wash at Shoreditch 😭😭

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  • Me watching this while waiting for my Starbucks order to come 🥲

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  • ndl for mayor of london

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  • When you realise NDL backwards is LDN. Destined to be Mayor 🔥🔥🔥

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  • Did someone received what they’ve order ?

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  • niko sneak in to the youtubers vs tiktok plz

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  • Niko i stopped watching your videos untill i saw the thumbnail

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  • wasting food is never funny

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  • Ima take your lunch money I'm fasting 😂

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  • I hate that thumbnail so much... stay young

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  • Lol who knows what chaiwala means LOL

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  • Dudes, I learned a fact, I'm from America. In the UK, money are called pounds 😲😲😲😲

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    • bruh moment

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  • Everybody vote for Niko Olimana .

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  • This is a video idea door dash to peoples houses and say vote for me the future mayor

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  • imagine going to starbucks and not starchmucks

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  • 14:33 haha

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  • 15:00

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  • Bro if he actually becomes London mayor ndl will be proud of him

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    • @LEGENDGAMER8292 popish

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    • NDL

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    • NDL

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  • NDL

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  • Can you upload more im so bored 😑

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  • Next time I have a hot chocolate I'm having it with a straw.

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    • NDL = Neel Defence League

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  • Costa is better

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  • The 🐐 is back!

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  • He WAS the CEO of Starbucks….

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  • That starschmucks doing be looking hot 🥵 But Starbucks do be looking cold 🥶

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  • Yes

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  • You guys are jokers 😂 💀

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  • where you Isosceles

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  • i did

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