I'm In A New Movie

28 okt 2020
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This is the greatest greg of All Time
Trailer Credits:
Editors: Rory Bocan and Desirae Williams
Sound Design: Grant Meuers
Writers/Directors: Jay Jenkins and Collin Kliewe
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  • I kinda like how the movie looks like a cheaply made commercial and then after the horror starts it looks like an actual movie

    JWibblyJWibblyKlukkustund síðan
  • he actually did good

    plagiricplagiric2 klukkustundum síðan
  • I love how I can go through a full chain of youtube videos and always end up at Charlie

    Odity1858Odity18582 klukkustundum síðan
  • I think that deserves a SAG card now!

    Vexed MumVexed Mum2 klukkustundum síðan
  • "What are you going to do shut it down" is the best movie quote I have ever heard

    Ryan CoxRyan Cox5 klukkustundum síðan
  • Just watched his Oscar worthy performance in hunger games 🤯

    Siddhant GajbhiyeSiddhant Gajbhiye6 klukkustundum síðan
  • “what are you gonna do, shut it down?” -friend who was online 8 years ago

    Ryo OnakeRyo Onake10 klukkustundum síðan
  • seem more like a security guard rather than police

    Levi PercLevi Perc10 klukkustundum síðan
  • Me when my mom tells me to turn the game off: *what are you gonna do? Shut it down?*

    Pure ForcePure Force10 klukkustundum síðan
  • I just checked the imdb for last of the grads - the thumbnail is officer Charlie, and he is the first actor in the cast list. This isn't a surprise of course, im just speaking out loud, clearly 80% of the film is big boi florida man

    WrainenWrainen13 klukkustundum síðan
  • Um anyone else notice Jackson !!!!

    Bob DingoBob Dingo14 klukkustundum síðan
  • Am I the only one who thinks Charlie @ 4:10 resembles Kyle Hill??

    Twist3dTwist3d16 klukkustundum síðan
  • If I ever make a movie. I need this man in it.

    ninjacats200ninjacats20017 klukkustundum síðan
  • charlie white jr

    BoomboppowBoomboppow17 klukkustundum síðan
  • WTF is Charlie?!

    Krothon UnderbeardKrothon Underbeard18 klukkustundum síðan
  • You are a ZA47 actor

    Krothon UnderbeardKrothon Underbeard18 klukkustundum síðan
  • Why don’t you tell people the truth about who you are connected with?

    Multiple PeopleMultiple People19 klukkustundum síðan
  • is he an outstanding actor or all other actors just horrendous ?

    jeb flynnjeb flynn21 klukkustund síðan
  • God damnit now i have to pirate this movie.

    Jim BonesJim Bones21 klukkustund síðan
  • I read an article on the movie and a part of it was just talking about how great Charlie was lol.

    FBI Agent #561FBI Agent #56123 klukkustundum síðan
  • I will watch it for you charlie lol

    Aeus OcilAeus OcilDegi Síðan síðan
  • Yo he’s actually in it

    SoulSoulDegi Síðan síðan
  • Honestly you didnt do that bad 😂

    keegan peytonkeegan peytonDegi Síðan síðan
  • "You cry when your awake", SHIT

    Sunic 2Sunic 2Degi Síðan síðan
  • I get a strong feeling I know how this movie goes, but I’d watch for Charlie

    Kaleal CeraficiKaleal CeraficiDegi Síðan síðan
  • Holy shit that was fucking amazing

    Walter WhiteWalter WhiteDegi Síðan síðan
  • I thought this was gonna be a meme youtube typical movie but this is a REAL fucking movie holy shit

    Kacperek CiezadloKacperek CiezadloDegi Síðan síðan
  • Charlie u should be Protagonist of that movie 🍿

    GhostsEater756GhostsEater756Degi Síðan síðan
  • Timestamp for when Charlie appears in the video and revolutionizes acting: 3:26

    JsconJsconDegi Síðan síðan
  • Im going to watch this for one reason. Our moist lord is in it

    A_True_Generic_GamerA_True_Generic_GamerDegi Síðan síðan
  • All jokes aside you have potential bro

    CrooksCrooks2 dögum síðan
  • at the end when you just say "SHIT" for some reason that was funny

    Supernatural BelugaSupernatural Beluga2 dögum síðan
  • lmao corpse and charlie on the same movie

    Secret IIIXXVISecret IIIXXVI2 dögum síðan
  • hunger games mockingjay part one 2 when

    BRUH LOL xD GaymingBRUH LOL xD Gayming2 dögum síðan
  • I feel in the small scene in that trailer he acts just like he does in videos 😂

    Elijah WhitfordElijah Whitford2 dögum síðan
  • 3:27 Charlie sounds great just by saying "what do you wanna do? Shut it down?"

    EthanCoolBro18 GamerEthanCoolBro18 Gamer2 dögum síðan
  • And the Oscar goes to your hair.

    ArchchronicleArchchronicle2 dögum síðan
  • Charlie: the only guy who can take john wick's dog and car

    Tienie SwiftTienie Swift3 dögum síðan
  • ay nice job dude

  • 3:26 Jesus Christ himself makes an appearance, I know you're wondering how I found him even though I just saw an officer the first time and it took weeks for me to find him

    MTKniteMTKnite3 dögum síðan
  • to be honest i thought it was a lover's story when i first saw the trailer and i didn't watch the full trailer i just got a sneak peak of it but now i see he is in it and its a horror movie and I'm excited as hell to see the movie

    alonevin boyoalonevin boyo3 dögum síðan
  • where can i watch it

    kars the pillar mankars the pillar man3 dögum síðan
  • omg i can't wait for this shit

    Idolina MartinezIdolina Martinez3 dögum síðan
  • LOL

    heidjiheidji3 dögum síðan
  • I actually liked your seens a lot

    Jethro GazaAdanzaJethro GazaAdanza3 dögum síðan
  • When Charlie is the headline actor.

    Vrede HumanVrede Human3 dögum síðan
  • well now im 100% gonna watch it

    MeizindMeizind3 dögum síðan
  • See charli just be’s himself

    Uhh Cool storyUhh Cool story3 dögum síðan
  • I saw his scene in the car and now I really hope they let him write his own jokes.

    Neko PrincessNeko Princess3 dögum síðan
  • proud of you son

    laurenD0lllaurenD0ll3 dögum síðan
  • if charlie doesnt win a emmy because if this movie hollywoods rigged

    Simple ProductionsSimple Productions3 dögum síðan
  • I can see it, A high school movie, a jock is looking for his girl. he sees her across the street and runs up to her, calling her name. He taps her shoulder, she turns around and it’s Charlie.

    Little AvaraLittle Avara4 dögum síðan
  • im proud of my boy

    sugrluv _sugrluv _4 dögum síðan

    hannah lolhannah lol4 dögum síðan
  • can i get a autograph ?!! XD

    Yo YouTube reallyYo YouTube really4 dögum síðan
  • That was amazing when is the movie coming out

    69 Gamer69 Gamer4 dögum síðan
  • I feel like there should be a B 1/2 list like the difference between A and B is so big lmfao

    CarmenCarmen4 dögum síðan
  • I thought it was gonna be a generic romance movie... What a pleasant surprise

    OzukaiOzukai4 dögum síðan
  • you cant fool me, Charlie, you're playing the 18 year old girl as well as officer Greg!!

    berrett96berrett965 dögum síðan
  • This man may be the only true greg

    PLAT!NUMPLAT!NUM5 dögum síðan

    Arianna lehalaArianna lehala5 dögum síðan

    Itz FlashItz Flash5 dögum síðan
  • Reasons to be interested in this movie: 0.0000001 the movie itself 9.9999999 Charlie

    SUPER AISSUPER AIS5 dögum síðan
  • Lmfao, the random bullshit he says kills me, even though we all know it's not bullshit and all truth from Sir Charlie

    payton galianopayton galiano5 dögum síðan
  • This dude’s sarcasm is God Tier 🤣🤣

    Red ExorcistRed Exorcist6 dögum síðan
  • Im taking us all back to 2015 to say this dudes eyebrows are on fleek.

    WhattatwistWhattatwist6 dögum síðan
  • Ngl that trailer would’ve almost been nothing without that ending

    Presto DoritoPresto Dorito6 dögum síðan
  • “What do you want me to do ? Shut it down ?” I’ve obtained nirvana from that line alone

    しrうぇーーしrうぇーー6 dögum síðan
  • looks like if the fourth graders wherein high School

    Tyler OblowTyler Oblow6 dögum síðan
  • 4:15 it looks like you forgot to say shit at the right time, and hastily said it at the last moment to make the scene

    MalandanMalandan6 dögum síðan
    • not actual criticism, just a joke your acting is great! it felt like greg realized what situation he was in and had to say shit. i get that.

      MalandanMalandan6 dögum síðan
  • movie look dopey but ill give it 11/10 stars on IDMb cuz of you

    BlitzkriegBlitzkrieg6 dögum síðan
  • I'm new here and I was getting the feeling he was an actor or something along those lines. I knew it. Also yes he's right that he gets this movie elevated i mean look 3mill seen this video wow.

    Ops lockedOps locked6 dögum síðan
  • Charlie carried the entire trailer on his back

    Georgia TGeorgia T7 dögum síðan
  • oh hell no, way too bloody. i cant stand blood

    ShadekyuShadekyu7 dögum síðan
  • Damn he's actually really good at acting ngl

    Back UpBack Up7 dögum síðan
  • holy fuck

    Grant CutlerGrant Cutler7 dögum síðan
  • the reason why there so old is cuz their grad students like in the title

    SpadianSpadian7 dögum síðan
  • i didnt know penguinz0 used to be a cop damn

    sl_20_04 _sl_20_04 _7 dögum síðan
  • Already theorizing that officer Greg is the real killer.

    FeelMeBro? ?FeelMeBro? ?8 dögum síðan
  • fyi when you make your video with a different framerate than any embedded videos , it throws out the lip sync

    shogiwarshogiwar8 dögum síðan
  • The last bit of dialogue before the coming soon bit cracked me up !

    TheeCozyPonchoTheeCozyPoncho8 dögum síðan
  • ah yes, Charlie and Brendon Frasier. The perfect combo for a film.

    randomhumor1randomhumor18 dögum síðan
  • 3:27 the main character Appearance 4:04 more screen time

    Kamran KhanKamran Khan8 dögum síðan
  • Hy you look like Jhon Wick now that I actually paid attention...

    Kamran KhanKamran Khan8 dögum síðan
  • If the character Charlie plays as dies in this movie I'm boycotting.

    1P37og271P37og278 dögum síðan
    • Idk how you can boycott after you've watched the movie already lol.

      Atheist GamerAtheist Gamer4 dögum síðan
    • Same

      The Door of DestinyThe Door of Destiny5 dögum síðan
  • Fuck it, ill watch this just to see charlie

    aidan waitsaidan waits9 dögum síðan
  • I can't tell if that was a real movie or Charlie shitposting

    MukiMuki9 dögum síðan

    Cynical MoronsCynical Morons9 dögum síðan
  • I'll expose my girlfriend if this comment gets 1,000 likes.

    Tea & ClickbaitTea & Clickbait9 dögum síðan
  • So that’s why he did that police training video...!

    Connor RandallConnor Randall9 dögum síðan
  • Please tell me he doesn’t t die

    Connor RandallConnor Randall9 dögum síðan
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Miguel Martinez01Miguel Martinez019 dögum síðan
  • Charlie when he rates this movie on the moist meter: 100/100 best movie ever because of me.

    Awad IhmudAwad Ihmud9 dögum síðan
  • This isnt charlie acting. That actually looks like something he'll do.

    Awad IhmudAwad Ihmud9 dögum síðan
  • this is one of the only movies i will pay to watch instead of illegally stream, solely because Charlie is in it. same goes for any other movie Charlie will be in (except hunger games). edit: bc hunger games needs to be boycott for doing Charlie dirty like that.

    ETET9 dögum síðan
  • Holy shit this looks so gooodddd

    CalignosityCalignosity9 dögum síðan
  • If he's that good at acting as someone imagine if he were to play among us


    Kureiji DiamondKureiji Diamond9 dögum síðan
  • looks like shit sorry

    onesourishpumaonesourishpuma10 dögum síðan
  • Where was he btw...I just saw Jesus?

    Ali OnlineAli Online10 dögum síðan