how my COLLEGE found my channel...

30 nóv 2020
8 557 088 Áhorf

TommyInnit explains how his college found his youtube channel. This was insane.
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Today I played Vanilla Minecraft 1.15 / 1.16 on Bedwars and told the story of when my college (aka school if you are american found my ISpast channel. Similarly Technoblade made a video called That Time My College Discovered My ISpast Channel however mine is much more funny and funnier than that due to the fact it happened to me and I'm TommyInnit (no, I am not Wilbur Soot or Dream or GeorgeNotFound, I am Tommy! Stop getting it confused!). Although this story was insane, we still had lots of laughs and it was fun & funny! POG CHAMP!!!!
Not Dream SMP / Dream Minecraft Server or Minecraft, but Lava Rises or any other fun challenge like that. No speed run / speedrunner of Minecraft, this is a Story time video explaining how not college but school found my youtube channel. POG CHAMP!!!!

  • Little did he know he would have 5mill in a month

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  • ugh hes too cool for friends 😩😩

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  • "I love women so much" alright he is a 16y/o kid 😂

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  • Ya know usually I don’t subscribe to poeple who ask for it.... But I’ll make a acception just this one time...

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  • Who wrote that comment is awesome

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  • Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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  • That why the cow name henry

  • MORE

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  • Are you called TommyInnit because your an introvert?

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  • This video has been in my recommended for a month now and it’s beautiful. British accents are amazing and so is this man

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  • many drugs?

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  • This is so funny I love this

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  • Tbh his laugh is kinda annoying but he isn’t

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  • me looks at subs] me WAT 5M

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  • I wonder if the collage found this video

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  • 👀

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  • 👀

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  • You make 4 mil $ in a year

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  • When did you graduate high school? Does where u are have that

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  • Wait did he say... MANY drugs?

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  • has anyone even been in an American server only for it to be fill entirely full of Spanish speaking player i know I haven't experienced that

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  • $16 mill

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  • The noises in the back ground lol

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  • Tommy said many drugs means he does some

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  • In 1 month he got to 5 mil

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  • So I am sat there

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  • I’ve never laughed so much 14:55

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  • You are dumb but I watch you for the dream SMP

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  • When i said i have a channel in my class... My classmates were making fun of me cry me poor baby me

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  • I bet Henry the loud fella watched this video

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  • 0:47 perfectoooo

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  • I do not like public speaking, I would rather fall into the void with full diamond armor and die AFTER defeating the ender dragon

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  • I hate you tommy

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    • Ok

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  • Tommy: i love woman Also tommy: just killed a woman, feeling good

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  • I will still never like school.

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  • I’ve seen you before outside but I never said hello I was to shy...

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  • Your not anoing your the best youtuber out there

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  • You were saying at the beggining thatbpeople hate you MY FATHER HATESBYOU SO MUCH LMAO

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  • Sometimes you are anoying from other peoples perspectivs but not when I'm watch from your perspective

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  • Tommy have you never seen women?

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  • lies. he does take drugs.

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  • Pog

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  • Wait so college in the UK is like being a Highschool Junior and Senior in the US? At least the first years in college?

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  • I think I'm one year older than you

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  • The 1st ur video i watched i didnt stopped laugh :’)

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  • So you might be annoying but I am to so yay, I found one of my kind!

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  • 2:36 I go 8 hours for 5 days ;w;

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  • Not trying to be mean in any way

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  • It confusion me

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  • Y u have such a problem with speaking to girls.

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  • thank you for reminding me when i was so akward i tryed to do suiside ;-;

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  • year 12 scrub

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  • “Dino farts” ;)

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  • tommy: people really find me annoying me thinking: how can i like when hes annoying me: tommy tommy: yes? how can i like when u are annoying tommy: kill me in minecraft i take off my armor :(

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  • For any American viewers out there. If you turn 16, you don’t have to go to college. You just have to stay in some form of eduction until the age of 18 whether it be an apprenticeship, A levels or college

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  • I found this channel today January 25, 2021 - I subscribed

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  • Mr Erret watching this like ...

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  • Bruh u just gained 4.21 mil in a month *I did the maths

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  • I will tell them I spoke to pokimane Really I would love to hear what you said to her

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  • me a female, subscribed to tommy: tommy: "as you all know i like women" me: 👁👄👁

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  • Play terraia

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  • Me who has no friends: ;w;

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  • Im a loner 👍

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  • Wait were in lockdown? *confeused introvert noises*

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  • Yes Undertale music

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  • We love you

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  • george the british guy!

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  • I don’t think that you are annoying Tommy. I think you’re funny.

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  • John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life!

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  • omg

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  • i thought you were too cool for friends

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  • 1 month ago you had 1 million sub and now you have almost 6 million sub. As much as Technoblade.

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  • Wow youre 6 years older that me

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  • Fastest Sub Growth ISpastr in lockdown??

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  • this video got more insane as it progressed

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  • Don't worry, you are annoying

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  • this was pretty strange, but ive seen stranger things.

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  • Dislikes are from guys from your collage.

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  • Tommy's got a long puberty period!!

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  • Why your face is like a shocking face or you look like you ate something so sour

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  • i watched this video since youtube said i already watched the video at first half the video next couple of days its now full even tho im not watching it is someone hacked my yt acc? or its just a random glitch bc if someone loged in to my acc it will send a notification on my gmail hopefully its just a glitch and not a hack

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  • little does he know, this is normal school.

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  • Henry: you look like Georgenotfound Tommy:/e morph georgenotfound

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  • "You look like george" People george have been found

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  • Mom am i adobdet Mom: yea

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  • I have 5 girlfriends You want one or two?

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  • Me : was watching the stream Me : nahh I want it edit it

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  • Well you are not annoying and btw don’t click on my channel each sub I get it just shames me for what I have done in the past please don’t sub or go on my channel

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  • Oof

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  • İf ppl didn't find u cringe u would have like 100 mil rn

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  • I never belive 16 go to collage... How???!! Even that possible? How? Why??

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  • I came from the distra video now I'm a new subscriber!

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  • tommy *LOVES* woman idk what to say sorry

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  • Ur laugh is the best lol

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  • Who was the hooded weed dude

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  • Hi big d

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