Cheetahs: Fastest Hunters in Africa | Free Documentary Nature

28 feb 2020
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If cheetahs were race cars - definitely Formula One. Cheetahs are the high-speed hunters of the Savannah. Even though they’re super speedy, and there are few animals they can’t catch, cheetahs rarely attempt to take on larger prey than gazelles or smallish antelopes. But on occasion, the predatory cats reveal a surprisingly different side. In the Northern Serengeti, a group of male cheetahs was discovered and turned all we know about them upside down. Males are usually loners or live in small groups, but here we have five male cats hunting together as one. It is actually the largest alliance of cheetahs ever seen. This film has many stories to tell about the fastest cats in the wild.
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  • The commentary calls wildebeest antelopes in some places.

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    • The wildebeest, also called the gnu, is an antelope in the genus Connochaetes. It belongs to the family Bovidae, which includes antelopes, cattle, goats, sheep, and other even-toed horned ungulates. Wikipedia is your friend.

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  • africa,s biodiversity is a treasure. ap na video banae kasa

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  • Absolutely amazing video. Thank you so much.

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  • cheetah is my favorite animals. I love him.

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  • 32:09 The only brother who made the smart jump lol

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  • The narrator inadvertently mistake wildebeest for antelopes.

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    • Wildebeest are antelopes

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  • I'm wondering do plants suffer while herbivores are eating them as herbivores suffer while carnivores are eating them🤔

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  • I could make a documentary about Brazilian fauna too, where animals are fighting to survive, not for lack of food, but for hunting.

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  • Legit thought he said cheetos at the start

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  • cheetahs are so majestic creatures i really enjoyed this documentary

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  • The cheetah has amazing speed, which is also its advantage, so the hunting success rate is very high, but it cannot be injured. Once injured, it will be a dead end. If you work hard, a male antelope can kill a leopard.

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  • Best action movie !

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  • While watching such documentary people forget how much efforts are put in to make them

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  • I always wonder why cheetah didn’t have a pride

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  • I love cheetahs more than lions. They were my favorite animals since I was little. I always feel bad for cheetahs when other predators take advantage of them.

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  • Magnifique vidéo, images très claires, documentaire très intéressant. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi un si grand nombre de personnes ont cliqué sur le pouce vers le bas?? J'ai adoré. Merci beaucoup pour ce partage. :)

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  • You don't know how fast my heart was beating during the lion chasing bit...

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  • so cute

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  • Africa's biodiversity is a treasure.

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  • My goodness the ending scenes with the cheetahs, wildebeests and the giraffes running around was breathtaking.

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    • it was a grand culmination

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  • Who loves cheetah cubs 😊😊

  • wow, love it! I am happy this documentary didn't show any animal pornography we had a really enjoyable family time!

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