100 Days in a Minecraft World

30 jan 2021
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Today I'm trying a challenge originated by @Luke TheNotable to spend 100 days in a Minecraft Single player world (not Hardcore though) tracking progress from day 1 to day 100... What can I achieve in the space of 100 days in Minecraft? Let's find out :D
Stats pages: imgur.com/a/QwNyi37

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  • For those interested, the world seed is: -8752606928398412679 on a 1.16.1 Minecraft JAVA on PC world

    LDShadowLadyLDShadowLady9 dögum síðan
    • How did you did the the pretty world

      Darren BegayDarren BegayKlukkustund síðan
    • I'm new on this channel

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    • 281 comment 🙂

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    • Thanks lizzie!

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    • @Seth Roberto Cool! Took roughly 20 mins but it actually worked!

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  • hi simps

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  • i wlli say wow 🤔

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  • also can we have 200 days

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  • god she can built better than me

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  • Laro po tyo minecraft

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  • My friend: says in a nother video can I pls get pin 🥺 she gets pin: me imma try that can I Get a liek commet

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  • Your house is cool,my house in minecraft java edition is modern. Love ur vids

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  • Me: I will ace this!! Also me 10 minutes later: I give up

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  • This is amazing! You gave so much inspiration and motivation to play minecraft :D

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  • This video was the only video that made me feel comfortable playing survival mode

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  • this was my first time watching you not shure how I feel about subbing

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    • Ok???

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  • Day 69 is forever cursed

    Its PretzoIts Pretzo2 klukkustundum síðan
  • to hatch the turtle eggs you have to put them in water.

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  • This was my first ever video watching you, and I immediately subscribed! I love you vibe and aesthetic and this was so fun to watch! Love it ✌🏼✨

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  • you should do the 200 or 300 days in minecraft too

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  • love you well I have brock my finger

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  • The turtles were never to be seen

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  • I loved this video but what really triggers me is the fact that people don’t understand how structures really work like villages will spawn next to desert temples if they’re in the desert and they spawn next to ruined portals they spawn next to Pillager outposts the spawn near any kind of structure really

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  • the last time i watched lizze was 5 years ago. its so good to be back :)

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  • She should do this with mods

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  • Omg your channel is so relaxing my worries melted away 😌

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  • Amazing building

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  • That's a lot of crime

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  • Go to 8:19

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  • My friend Rafael mined 30 diamonds in his lucky cave O.O

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  • me feeling sad that we didnt get to see what was in the nether chest and that she didnt know what it was

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  • What world/mods do you use??

    Mckenna WaltonMckenna Walton4 klukkustundum síðan
    • No mods in this video, its in vanilla

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  • Hi

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  • Pls do a part two

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  • 11 diamonds in one day impressive

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  • WHAT IS the shader?

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  • make more 100 days!!

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  • I love your vids

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  • Secret : Lizzie is using a mod. I saw le bird U-U

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  • 𝕋𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕡𝕠𝕠𝕣 𝕙𝕠𝕣𝕤𝕖

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    • W u t ?

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  • what shader do u use?

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  • I could not even build this is creative but it is so cute

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  • You can extinguish campfire s with shovels

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  • Hiiiiiiiiiii

    The adventures of Emrie-Dawn Warrior PrincessThe adventures of Emrie-Dawn Warrior Princess6 klukkustundum síðan
  • I have always wondered, do you ever get bored because your playing the SAME game almost EVERY DAY?

    Julianna LasJulianna Las7 klukkustundum síðan
    • If she was bored she would play something else

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  • Ok it can’t be just me who realizesshe said diamonds instead of Emeralds at 20:58

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  • 0:23 remember one life?

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  • Please tell me why this s is the 5th time I watched this???

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    • Saaame

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  • hi i just want to say i have the same skin you have .

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  • I feel like she was cheating cause, where did she get the obsidian from?

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    • Probably mining it?? Like what do you mean?

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  • I like how she says she is not gonna survive 1 day but still survives 10 days

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  • "Will I defeat the enderdragon? Probably not. But you know what I can do? Get some turtles." -Lizzie 2021

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  • Btw I am a kid it’s just my full name but I am getting amazing inspired

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  • I like how she is like it’s looks very ugly so I changed it me:never changes my house well I can’t really because I made just a wood log frame and filled it in with like 128 glass panes

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  • Why do you sound like Yammy

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  • Lizzie do u have minecraft windows 10 edition

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  • A better way for leads is use boats so you don't need to use your pigs. 😀

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  • This was so satisfying!

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  • 20:57 did she just say diamonds? Bc those are emeralds Lizzie

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  • I play on my phone I can’t have that quality’s like

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  • I don’t like hardcore O I prefer no hardcore thanks for not making it boringlmao

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  • what texture pack do yo have because i like how the leaves and trees and flowers how they move like that :)

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    • Its a shader and not a resource pack

      Mia Liv LCMia Liv LC56 mínútum síðan

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  • my monmmy left me because her neck was hurting i hope she gets better

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  • I feel like this is fake because she had a pink bed and the pink sheep are ultra rare

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  • LDShadowlady i'm doing this!

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  • Tips for hatching turtles in Minecraft: don’t put a light because the turtles hatch in the moon light and in the dark night

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  • No wonder the villagers hate her there huts are tiny but the rest is nice 🤷‍♀️

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  • i went to collect some souls - LD shadow lady

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  • Nice horse

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  • Wooo amazing lods

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  • I fell asleep to ASMR and when I woke up I had a heart attack but congrats on 1k days Edit: I'm dumb I didn't realize it's only 100

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  • Did anyone see mending? Well that is a good trade LDSHADOWLADY. WHY DIDN'T YOU GET IT?! P.S You said diamonds instead of emeralds...

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  • she is such a pro

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  • LD: H-O-SES Me: its horses LD: Hoes

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  • DO A 200 DAYS

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  • Hi in need to use chickens for it to work or At least that's what I think...?😆

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  • Turtles dont hatch if they are out water

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  • Kidnapped

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  • i love listening to her and the minecraft sounds lol

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  • 30:36 she has a stack of EXP

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  • One time she was trading with a villager she said diamonds instead of Emerald

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